3 Egg-Spectations in Relationships


3 Egg-Spectations in Relationships

I want to go over three of the most important things to expect in relationships.

I’m talking about the hopes we have for ourselves or others.

We will ALL fall short.

Yet, my old saying; is it an incident or a lifestyle holds true.

We are certain to fall short, miss the mark and disappoint ourselves and others. Those that opt not to forgive and move on … well, that’s about them and you must carry on. Besides they proved “the test” wasn’t only about YOU but them also. God has a way of dealing with everyone’s heart issues (and bringing them to surface) in nasty, messy times in our lives.

So let’s get to them: 3 Expectations in Relationships.

  1. Honest. If you can’t come clean when caught with your pants down, how do you move forward. You don’t … NEXT.
  2. Honesty. Since you can’t be honest .. how are we supposed to have a REAL relationship? You can’t … NEXT
  3. Honestly. One person doesn’t own everything. Everyone shares a part in a problem. Even if it’s misunderstanding, expectations, contradictions that need clarity or repentance.

Truly (no pun intended) that’s the foundation we have to build on. If it’s cracked … fix it. You may have to get a huge jack-hammer out and tear it up but MOST people are worth it. Check character not content.

Is it an incident or lifestyle?


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In Over Your Head

Water Logged

If I had known how deep and vast this water was I wouldn’t have dove in. Yet now that I’m in (and water logged) I’m determined to beat the undertow!

When is the last time you started something and then felt like you were “in over your head?”

That’s how I feel at times about this “author endeavor.” I felt that way when I owned and ran my concierge business for almost 12 years. Even when I was making more money than I’d ever made in my life.

So “the feeling” is not about the reward but the effort. The rowing, the accumulation of knowledge and application overload! For me it’s about wearing so many hats that don’t fit! I’m a delegator and I like having people to hand something off to. It’s about seeing the light at the top and wondering if you’ll make it.

I dislike not being able to work smarter versus harder. That boils down to money. Hiring HELP!

Truth is folks, you are doing it because you are destined to be there. Fear and frustration is a shadow that lurks below or above. The more you push through the less afraid or discouraged you’ll be. So long as you have breath you’re going to work through normal human emotions.

If you’re a true entrepreneur (or author-preneur) you’re doing what you do! Getting in over your head. Figuring it all out, finding solutions, resolving problems and building!

Remind yourself: You dove into this water because of a dream! Now swim! Kick with all your might. Take time to float on your back for awhile and enjoy the beauty of the scenery around you! Let the water move you around and stop thrashing! Besides that’s what the sharks are attracted too!

Frozen in Time

My sister and dog nephew Finn. Before the Polar Vortex!

Frozen in time, frozen in shock or disbelief or simply still waiting for a “cold time” in your life to be over with.

Have you been there? We all have for various reasons.

The coldest I’ve ever been was waiting on the supreme court steps to get in one wintry morning. I arrived home with a bruised face and dried mascara which had run down the sides of my face. It looked like someone had been punching me for hours! That’s what the wind did to me. You also can’t imagine how embarrassed I felt. Knowing I looked like I dressed up for Halloween to visit the highest court in the land.

I’ll never forget the first phone call I got telling me my daughter had committed to a mental institution. My emotions froze liked a cold winter pipe and when they thawed it was like a backed up damn burst.

Unexpected events. Freezing Us

I’ll never forget my son standing in a yellow raincoat. Watching and listening to the raindrops hit him on the head and drop down on his cute bare feet. He was so entertained by all his senses.

Frozen in time, an image in our heart and mind.

Are you warm right now or frozen? How so?

Stay warm and enjoy this thought about being FROZEN. Also check out this YouTube video of what my sister made at her house last night (and you’ll get to see Finn). It is sooooooooooo cold in Madison, Wisconsin that water turns to crystal instantly!

Plans Change

Our Pretty Entry and Kitchen Island

Plans change, I remember saying to my mom once; “Life is full of changes and if you can’t handle change it will be hard to handle life.” My life up to that point had been full of unexpected “change.”

I’d make plans for one thing to happen and get a different result. From motherhood to marriage, it never turned out the way I thought it would.
So, I learned a long time ago to take a deep breath, bend my knee … Go back to God and say; “Now what?” I’ve learned to get up, sit and wait.
Not so much WHY this happen but what can you do with this now? Where do we go from here?
I’ve learned that when I’m asking WHY I’m asking from a confused, hurt and disappointed position. When I ask WHAT I’m in a better stronger place. A place of hope, strength to go forward and waiting for that lesson to unfold. What will God use this for? What can I do with it? What should I be doing while I wait?
“Life is full of changes and if you can’t handle change it will be hard to handle life.”
Most of us are looking at life through the scope of LIFE NOW vs. life in the long run. What’s the big picture going to look like? Through eternal eyes, through God’s? What are we putting significance on and what matters?
So I said all that to say; When we downsized and bought our RV (a 5th Wheel Ambition) to travel full time. We both felt we were doing the right thing (and that’s all anyone can do). We had loads of confirmation and everything unfolded and happen very smoothly. We took council and moved forward.
Bottom line we still believe we did the right thing.
Even though we are selling our BRAND NEW 5th Wheel 1 year later.
Hindsight or Insight ….

You won’t have either until you move forward. 

Kitchen & Living Room

Take a step or a leap, put blindfolds on if you are to scared to look. Just do it.
I mean especially if the confirmation and council is in place! The only thing in the way is you.
We wanted less STUFF and more of life, more of meeting and touching people’s lives.
I still want a lot less stuff than I have in 400 sq. ft. Go on a vacation for 2-4 weeks you’ll see you can live with less.
George discovered he needed a home base.
WE discovered I am cut out for this more than he is.
We also learned that if we were going to be in Florida for 6 months out of the year we don’t want to be in central part of the state. Second, for what it cost to RV you might as well have equity. So we are selling this gorgeous “little house” and downsizing back to a Class C (or A) to travel the other 6 months. George doesn’t want to deal with snow anymore and he “needs” a home base. Which is really kinda funny since I’m the one that likes to garden, sew, paint etc. etc. 
But we wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t move forward. Nothing has changed except WHAT we are in for 6 months in Florida.
So we are still on track with what we started out to do.

Ambition 38FB Living Room

Don’t get frazzled in the adjustment periods or times of reorganization. Readjust, reevaluate, recalculate your options. You can only get the best perspective once you’re in it. You see thing and know things you couldn’t otherwise.

We have gotten things done we’d never have been able to if we hadn’t moved when we did.
We know and understand things about Florida we wouldn’t have coming to visit.
We have met and made connections we couldn’t have if we had stayed because it didn’t make sense.
IF GOD had said; Sell everything you have, give away and donate what doesn’t sell. Buy a 5th wheel, go to Florida then 6 months later buy a house we would have had a good laugh and would still be in West Virginia. Neither of us never wanted to live in Florida. THAT wouldn’t have made sense.
It didn’t happen that way. It will never happen that way. 
It happened one step at a time with a few ideas in mind of how “the dream” would go.

Erma is her name. Hanging out in Virginia’s Fall

…and we are very happy about having the courage to take those steps, together. Our threesome.
Check out the RV for sale on RV Trader!
PS: Don’t bother rehashing questions to yourself like: We could have spent a lot less on the RV, we would have saved, we should have, we could have…. Should’a, would’a’s and could’a’s will get you no where. It is what it is. You are where you are … now go forward.
Being still and knowing that HE IS God and Philippians 4:11-13

Leave the Safety of the Harbor this New Year

Leave the Safety of the Harbor this NEW Year

John Augustus Shedd said; “A Ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

That’s such a great quote and the one I picked to start us off into this NEW Year! For me, it’s not so much that I need to GET OUT, it’s that I need to remind myself to stay out … keep my sails up.

I’d like to make two suggestions. Rather than make “new weighty goals” for the New Year, let’s stop living in the safety of the harbor. Get out and use the gifts, talents and abilities YOU have.

Write down 1-8 gifts, talents and abilities YOU have that you can expand on in 2019.

You know things like:

  • Art / ARTIST – drawing or a craft
  • Teaching – what can you TEACH someone else? Could you tutor a child who needs help? An adult in business or another practical skill or talent you have?
  • Writing – what’s your topic? Can you write blogs for bloggers? Local Newspaper? Church bulletin? Don’t keep your thoughts and words to yourself.
  • Handyman skills: Could you help a senior? Single mom?

And of course, the greatest of all the gifts is ….

The more you USE your gifts, talents and abilities the more you’ll have to use. Your life operates as the same principle as trimming herbs or pruning trees …. It grows, blooms and flourishes as you use it.

Let’s make our harbor a place to refuel, rest, stock up and go back out. NOT a place to camp out and hoard what we know or what we have.

Beside you don’t want to wait for the STORM to come into the harbor and MOVE YOU out … do you?

Remember: you aren’t meant to keep it all to yourself. Gifts are meant to be given, shared, opened and enjoyed by you and others. THAT is why God gave them to YOU.

Look for opportunity to share and develop, it’s all around you!

By the way, check out my “Bubble” on BUBLISH.

Water it and it will grow!

Water it and it will grow! What if you went out and bought a plant. Then took it home and put it in yummy organic soil with some compost and fertilizer. Stuck that healthy plant in the moist dirt and set it in the light it loves. You know full sun or part shade. You could expect that plant to grow-up to be the healthy seed it was born to be. If however you took a healthy plant home, left it outside or on your partly sunny porch and forgot about it … what would happen? It’d die … right? What about you… How are you maintaining yourself? Mind, body and spirit? If you’re not “eating your daily bread” don’t expect to have a healthy spiritual life. If you aren’t watering yourself with nutrition, sunshine and a healthy balance of joy don’t expect to bloom. Your life is a garden and that garden needs proper care. The toxic weeds of life must be pulled that will choke out the good. Don’t expect to thrive and have “shade and blooms” (so to speak) to share with others if you let the “old weeds” take over!

I was at Dr. Caroline Leaf’s conference in Dallas Texas. One evening after the conference I wrote what’s above. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Leaf you aren’t alone, I didn’t know who she was until February 2018. She wrote several books, the latest I got from her conference called, “Think, Learn, Succeed.” It is one of 2 books I took on my cruise to read. I’m new to Goodreads, so I’ll post a review later.
Anyway, back in February a friend introduced me to her work. Dr. Leaf is a scientist, who’s also a Christian. She’s teaching the biblical principles of “you’ll bear the burden of your words.” I LOVE her “21-day Brain Detox” program. Get it, hands down if you need help with your stinkin’ thinkin’ you found a way to change your brain!
She’s put into words what I’ve done for years just in a totally different way. I once did a biblical study on the tongue. The Word has MUCH to say about this topic and if you can’t control your mouth you won’t be able to control much else. As James 3:4 says; it’s the rudder that steers the entire ship!
I don’t know about you but sometimes old junk creeps up in my mind and makes its way out of my mouth.
You know things like; Well because of my past, I can’t ….
I’m not ever going to be as successful as …. Because …
Why are they able to do (or go or say) but I can’t ….
Or things like: I’m worthless, I’m not able, if I could only ….
Back to “water it and it will grow” ….
It’s whatever your watering … that’s what is going to grow.
Super simple but super missed by most of us.
We must get rooted in the right LIGHT
By the correct source
Planted Into a solid foundation,
Watered daily (with The Word)
And we must take care of renewing our minds, daily! Minute by minute at first. WATCH what goes into your head! Take those thoughts captive!
As a man thinks, so he is! (Proverbs 23:7)
That’s one of my stones of remembrance but put this way; The U, U C is the U, U B!
So True.

Stone of Remembrance

Pride, It’s like Fire

USA Flag

Pride, it’s like fire in that it can be good or bad, helpful or scary. Fire can burn down your house or cook your eggs. It can be cozy or terrifying. I’d imagine  the residents affected by those deadly California wildfires feel if they never saw fire again it wouldn’t be too soon. Pride can cause you to stumble, keep you from others or motivate you to change. It can move you onto something greater….and that motivation could be as simple as; Taking a Bath!

In chapter 2 of my book, Goldie (the baby eagle) recognizes her mother was always proud of her and defended her being different. That came from my real-life experience, but what it turned into was doing things “her way” or you weren’t accepted. That pride changed to control and acceptance.

If your “hair” wasn’t a certain way … she didn’t like it. It wasn’t acceptable.

Countries have Pride.

Texas Flag

States have Pride.

I’m from Texas, I know … God forbid never bad mouth Texas! You might not live to see another day. (kidding)

I’ll never forget after moving to Northern Virginia, Reston. I went to an outdoor concert (by myself) at the Reston Town Center. A band was going to play a few country songs and ask if anyone present was from Texas. I was in the front of the crowd (I had no idea two thousand people were sitting behind me when I jumped up, waved my hand and said; “Oh I am!”

The band leader laughing said; “Well, just where are you from Ms. Texas?”

I shouted out; “Houston! Raised in Bedford Texas and Houston!”

He said (laughing again); “Well welcome to the United States of America!”

That’s when I heard a roar of laughter. Turned around to wave at over two thousand people … and quietly sat down.

I was recently going over how many countries carry my e-book and audio book and am shocked to find so many! Actually, I was “proud” so much hard work has paid off. Hint: If you have a friend in another country let them know they can get it on Kobo.

I was thinking about one thing we ALL have in common as countries is: Pride.

No matter how rich or poor, we all love our countries … or our state that would like to be its own country.

Have you ever noticed people who come to America (gain citizenship) will still always say; “In my country …”

Wait, I thought American became “your country?” I get it, and think that’s a matter of the heart. It stems from honor and pride. Fondness.

It’s like the ol’ saying; You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl.

Well, on that note .. I’m “proud” to say; I get to go on vacation and will return right before Christmas, so I’ll see you when I get back.

Is there something you’d like to hear from me about? A Topic? Thought? Something you’re pondering? Let me know!


Book Review Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey

Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey

I bought the book Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey at the first of this year.

I’m new to Goodreads AND BookBub as a reader, reviewer (I’m trying to begin since I know how important it is) and author. I don’t have my link on BookBub yet, but you might find me under my name.

I recently set up my Author profile on Goodreads and applied to BookBub just today. It’s REALLY important I have loads of followers on BookBub if they are ever going to run my book as a “special.”

I’d love for you to connect and “follow me” on both platforms.




This is my first book review on Goodreads and it’s negative because:

  1. I just can’t get into the book and I’ve tried….really I have for almost a year. I’ve gotten more valuable information from YouTube about Instagram than this book will ever have.
  2. I’m tired (lit. it’s 1:30 am) and I wanted to start reviewing books – I’m up late working
  3. I began with the easiest one on my list and that was one I gave up on reading
  4. This book desperately needs to be reformatted and revised. Well, lets say an interior design transformation.
  5. They did a great job on a simply cover and using Instagram brand colors … so it’s recognizable on what it’s suppose to be about.

A few of my favorites on Instagram teachers are:

So you might be saying; OUCH … “you’re an Author and you gave the poor guy a low rating on a review?”



Because a review should be honest (you might also know OF him through a friend of a friend).

When I ask people to PLEASE leave an honest review it’s because you have no idea how important this is as an author.

I’ve repented for being so horrible at taking the time to do this and I’m determined to not read a book without leaving a review somewhere. On Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, etc. The book review should be honest that’s it period. Don’t feel like you have to write a paragraph and look up big words or know your adjectives … just write something! Be real.

It could be as simple as:

  1. I love it or hated it.
  2. I found myself intrigued and wanting to know more
  3. What an interesting story…
  4. I gained some information I wouldn’t have known otherwise
  5. It was boring to me
  6. It made me laugh, cry and ponder…
You get it by now. Just PLEASE leave reviews. This is the biggest favor you could do for any author. Authors do NOT expect everyone to love their books, but what they secretly hope for is EVERYONE will review the book. It’s vitality important to the LIFE of the book. Good or Bad. You can’t advertise on some platforms without reviews or followers. You can’t get Amazon to recommend your book, you can’t run ads on certain platforms without reviews. I need 294 reviews by the launch of the paperback, which is Feb. 14, 2019!