Plans Change

Our Pretty Entry and Kitchen Island

Plans change, I remember saying to my mom once; “Life is full of changes and if you can’t handle change it will be hard to handle life.” My life up to that point had been full of unexpected “change.”

I’d make plans for one thing to happen and get a different result. From motherhood to marriage, it never turned out the way I thought it would.
So, I learned a long time ago to take a deep breath, bend my knee … Go back to God and say; “Now what?” I’ve learned to get up, sit and wait.
Not so much WHY this happen but what can you do with this now? Where do we go from here?
I’ve learned that when I’m asking WHY I’m asking from a confused, hurt and disappointed position. When I ask WHAT I’m in a better stronger place. A place of hope, strength to go forward and waiting for that lesson to unfold. What will God use this for? What can I do with it? What should I be doing while I wait?
“Life is full of changes and if you can’t handle change it will be hard to handle life.”
Most of us are looking at life through the scope of LIFE NOW vs. life in the long run. What’s the big picture going to look like? Through eternal eyes, through God’s? What are we putting significance on and what matters?
So I said all that to say; When we downsized and bought our RV (a 5th Wheel Ambition) to travel full time. We both felt we were doing the right thing (and that’s all anyone can do). We had loads of confirmation and everything unfolded and happen very smoothly. We took council and moved forward.
Bottom line we still believe we did the right thing.
Even though we are selling our BRAND NEW 5th Wheel 1 year later.
Hindsight or Insight ….

You won’t have either until you move forward. 

Kitchen & Living Room

Take a step or a leap, put blindfolds on if you are to scared to look. Just do it.
I mean especially if the confirmation and council is in place! The only thing in the way is you.
We wanted less STUFF and more of life, more of meeting and touching people’s lives.
I still want a lot less stuff than I have in 400 sq. ft. Go on a vacation for 2-4 weeks you’ll see you can live with less.
George discovered he needed a home base.
WE discovered I am cut out for this more than he is.
We also learned that if we were going to be in Florida for 6 months out of the year we don’t want to be in central part of the state. Second, for what it cost to RV you might as well have equity. So we are selling this gorgeous “little house” and downsizing back to a Class C (or A) to travel the other 6 months. George doesn’t want to deal with snow anymore and he “needs” a home base. Which is really kinda funny since I’m the one that likes to garden, sew, paint etc. etc. 
But we wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t move forward. Nothing has changed except WHAT we are in for 6 months in Florida.
So we are still on track with what we started out to do.

Ambition 38FB Living Room

Don’t get frazzled in the adjustment periods or times of reorganization. Readjust, reevaluate, recalculate your options. You can only get the best perspective once you’re in it. You see thing and know things you couldn’t otherwise.

We have gotten things done we’d never have been able to if we hadn’t moved when we did.
We know and understand things about Florida we wouldn’t have coming to visit.
We have met and made connections we couldn’t have if we had stayed because it didn’t make sense.
IF GOD had said; Sell everything you have, give away and donate what doesn’t sell. Buy a 5th wheel, go to Florida then 6 months later buy a house we would have had a good laugh and would still be in West Virginia. Neither of us never wanted to live in Florida. THAT wouldn’t have made sense.
It didn’t happen that way. It will never happen that way. 
It happened one step at a time with a few ideas in mind of how “the dream” would go.

Erma is her name. Hanging out in Virginia’s Fall

…and we are very happy about having the courage to take those steps, together. Our threesome.
Check out the RV for sale on RV Trader!
PS: Don’t bother rehashing questions to yourself like: We could have spent a lot less on the RV, we would have saved, we should have, we could have…. Should’a, would’a’s and could’a’s will get you no where. It is what it is. You are where you are … now go forward.
Being still and knowing that HE IS God and Philippians 4:11-13

Leave the Safety of the Harbor this New Year

Leave the Safety of the Harbor this NEW Year

John Augustus Shedd said; “A Ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

That’s such a great quote and the one I picked to start us off into this NEW Year! For me, it’s not so much that I need to GET OUT, it’s that I need to remind myself to stay out … keep my sails up.

I’d like to make two suggestions. Rather than make “new weighty goals” for the New Year, let’s stop living in the safety of the harbor. Get out and use the gifts, talents and abilities YOU have.

Write down 1-8 gifts, talents and abilities YOU have that you can expand on in 2019.

You know things like:

  • Art / ARTIST – drawing or a craft
  • Teaching – what can you TEACH someone else? Could you tutor a child who needs help? An adult in business or another practical skill or talent you have?
  • Writing – what’s your topic? Can you write blogs for bloggers? Local Newspaper? Church bulletin? Don’t keep your thoughts and words to yourself.
  • Handyman skills: Could you help a senior? Single mom?

And of course, the greatest of all the gifts is ….

The more you USE your gifts, talents and abilities the more you’ll have to use. Your life operates as the same principle as trimming herbs or pruning trees …. It grows, blooms and flourishes as you use it.

Let’s make our harbor a place to refuel, rest, stock up and go back out. NOT a place to camp out and hoard what we know or what we have.

Beside you don’t want to wait for the STORM to come into the harbor and MOVE YOU out … do you?

Remember: you aren’t meant to keep it all to yourself. Gifts are meant to be given, shared, opened and enjoyed by you and others. THAT is why God gave them to YOU.

Look for opportunity to share and develop, it’s all around you!

By the way, check out my “Bubble” on BUBLISH.

Water it and it will grow!

Water it and it will grow! What if you went out and bought a plant. Then took it home and put it in yummy organic soil with some compost and fertilizer. Stuck that healthy plant in the moist dirt and set it in the light it loves. You know full sun or part shade. You could expect that plant to grow-up to be the healthy seed it was born to be. If however you took a healthy plant home, left it outside or on your partly sunny porch and forgot about it … what would happen? It’d die … right? What about you… How are you maintaining yourself? Mind, body and spirit? If you’re not “eating your daily bread” don’t expect to have a healthy spiritual life. If you aren’t watering yourself with nutrition, sunshine and a healthy balance of joy don’t expect to bloom. Your life is a garden and that garden needs proper care. The toxic weeds of life must be pulled that will choke out the good. Don’t expect to thrive and have “shade and blooms” (so to speak) to share with others if you let the “old weeds” take over!

I was at Dr. Caroline Leaf’s conference in Dallas Texas. One evening after the conference I wrote what’s above. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Leaf you aren’t alone, I didn’t know who she was until February 2018. She wrote several books, the latest I got from her conference called, “Think, Learn, Succeed.” It is one of 2 books I took on my cruise to read. I’m new to Goodreads, so I’ll post a review later.
Anyway, back in February a friend introduced me to her work. Dr. Leaf is a scientist, who’s also a Christian. She’s teaching the biblical principles of “you’ll bear the burden of your words.” I LOVE her “21-day Brain Detox” program. Get it, hands down if you need help with your stinkin’ thinkin’ you found a way to change your brain!
She’s put into words what I’ve done for years just in a totally different way. I once did a biblical study on the tongue. The Word has MUCH to say about this topic and if you can’t control your mouth you won’t be able to control much else. As James 3:4 says; it’s the rudder that steers the entire ship!
I don’t know about you but sometimes old junk creeps up in my mind and makes its way out of my mouth.
You know things like; Well because of my past, I can’t ….
I’m not ever going to be as successful as …. Because …
Why are they able to do (or go or say) but I can’t ….
Or things like: I’m worthless, I’m not able, if I could only ….
Back to “water it and it will grow” ….
It’s whatever your watering … that’s what is going to grow.
Super simple but super missed by most of us.
We must get rooted in the right LIGHT
By the correct source
Planted Into a solid foundation,
Watered daily (with The Word)
And we must take care of renewing our minds, daily! Minute by minute at first. WATCH what goes into your head! Take those thoughts captive!
As a man thinks, so he is! (Proverbs 23:7)
That’s one of my stones of remembrance but put this way; The U, U C is the U, U B!
So True.

Stone of Remembrance

Pride, It’s like Fire

USA Flag

Pride, it’s like fire in that it can be good or bad, helpful or scary. Fire can burn down your house or cook your eggs. It can be cozy or terrifying. I’d imagine  the residents affected by those deadly California wildfires feel if they never saw fire again it wouldn’t be too soon. Pride can cause you to stumble, keep you from others or motivate you to change. It can move you onto something greater….and that motivation could be as simple as; Taking a Bath!

In chapter 2 of my book, Goldie (the baby eagle) recognizes her mother was always proud of her and defended her being different. That came from my real-life experience, but what it turned into was doing things “her way” or you weren’t accepted. That pride changed to control and acceptance.

If your “hair” wasn’t a certain way … she didn’t like it. It wasn’t acceptable.

Countries have Pride.

Texas Flag

States have Pride.

I’m from Texas, I know … God forbid never bad mouth Texas! You might not live to see another day. (kidding)

I’ll never forget after moving to Northern Virginia, Reston. I went to an outdoor concert (by myself) at the Reston Town Center. A band was going to play a few country songs and ask if anyone present was from Texas. I was in the front of the crowd (I had no idea two thousand people were sitting behind me when I jumped up, waved my hand and said; “Oh I am!”

The band leader laughing said; “Well, just where are you from Ms. Texas?”

I shouted out; “Houston! Raised in Bedford Texas and Houston!”

He said (laughing again); “Well welcome to the United States of America!”

That’s when I heard a roar of laughter. Turned around to wave at over two thousand people … and quietly sat down.

I was recently going over how many countries carry my e-book and audio book and am shocked to find so many! Actually, I was “proud” so much hard work has paid off. Hint: If you have a friend in another country let them know they can get it on Kobo.

I was thinking about one thing we ALL have in common as countries is: Pride.

No matter how rich or poor, we all love our countries … or our state that would like to be its own country.

Have you ever noticed people who come to America (gain citizenship) will still always say; “In my country …”

Wait, I thought American became “your country?” I get it, and think that’s a matter of the heart. It stems from honor and pride. Fondness.

It’s like the ol’ saying; You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl.

Well, on that note .. I’m “proud” to say; I get to go on vacation and will return right before Christmas, so I’ll see you when I get back.

Is there something you’d like to hear from me about? A Topic? Thought? Something you’re pondering? Let me know!


Book Review Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey

Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey

I bought the book Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey at the first of this year.

I’m new to Goodreads AND BookBub as a reader, reviewer (I’m trying to begin since I know how important it is) and author. I don’t have my link on BookBub yet, but you might find me under my name.

I recently set up my Author profile on Goodreads and applied to BookBub just today. It’s REALLY important I have loads of followers on BookBub if they are ever going to run my book as a “special.”

I’d love for you to connect and “follow me” on both platforms.




This is my first book review on Goodreads and it’s negative because:

  1. I just can’t get into the book and I’ve tried….really I have for almost a year. I’ve gotten more valuable information from YouTube about Instagram than this book will ever have.
  2. I’m tired (lit. it’s 1:30 am) and I wanted to start reviewing books – I’m up late working
  3. I began with the easiest one on my list and that was one I gave up on reading
  4. This book desperately needs to be reformatted and revised. Well, lets say an interior design transformation.
  5. They did a great job on a simply cover and using Instagram brand colors … so it’s recognizable on what it’s suppose to be about.

A few of my favorites on Instagram teachers are:

So you might be saying; OUCH … “you’re an Author and you gave the poor guy a low rating on a review?”



Because a review should be honest (you might also know OF him through a friend of a friend).

When I ask people to PLEASE leave an honest review it’s because you have no idea how important this is as an author.

I’ve repented for being so horrible at taking the time to do this and I’m determined to not read a book without leaving a review somewhere. On Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, etc. The book review should be honest that’s it period. Don’t feel like you have to write a paragraph and look up big words or know your adjectives … just write something! Be real.

It could be as simple as:

  1. I love it or hated it.
  2. I found myself intrigued and wanting to know more
  3. What an interesting story…
  4. I gained some information I wouldn’t have known otherwise
  5. It was boring to me
  6. It made me laugh, cry and ponder…
You get it by now. Just PLEASE leave reviews. This is the biggest favor you could do for any author. Authors do NOT expect everyone to love their books, but what they secretly hope for is EVERYONE will review the book. It’s vitality important to the LIFE of the book. Good or Bad. You can’t advertise on some platforms without reviews or followers. You can’t get Amazon to recommend your book, you can’t run ads on certain platforms without reviews. I need 294 reviews by the launch of the paperback, which is Feb. 14, 2019!


Learn to Listen

Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn

Learn to Listen and Listen to Learn. That’s one of my life lessons, it’s a saying my mother taught me. You can HEAR something and not learn it. Because either you haven’t walked it out, gotten to that “path” yet or aren’t ready to hear that lesson yet.

I went to school and “heard” about MATH…ugh I hated math, thus I didn’t learn it — beyond the basics!

You can hear wisdom (or a wonderful nugget about life), but until you’ve walked out the meaning, until you have experienced yourself … it it’s only recognizable as “wisdom” or insight.

Learn to Listen is one of the Stones of Remembrance in chapter 4 of my book, I’m an Eagle not a Field Chick. It is available as an  audio book, e-book and pre-order right now.

“Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.”


I was thinking about listening the other day and how it ties into communication.

Once words leave your mouth it seems they go tumbling through the air only to land on ears that heard something completely different or not at all.

HUH, how in the world does that happen short of having a hearing problem? Well, it’s not only people that have hearing issues. It’s people with preconceived ideas of what you’re about to say. Which says they aren’t listening, they are thinking about what they want to say.

We found out my husband has a hearing problem. That explains some frustration or saying; No I didn’t say that I said …

The other day we were walking, it seemed like half of what I said; he repeated, and I’d say; “I just said that!”

Then I found out he didn’t have his hearing aids in.

I was communicating with the cabinet company via an email and I ask; How deep the cabinets were. That’s all I ask. So he responded with the deepest cabinet … the pantry.

Oh no…I wasn’t specific enough.

My fault no doubt.

He’s not a mind reader! Which is what we often expect when we ask a question or want information.

  • Know what I’m really saying
  • Know what I really want
  • Know what I want it for
  • Fill in the blanks.

….and we wonder why we have communication problems.

It’s happen to us all (unless your perfect *cough, cough* I doubt it)

What I should have said was; Marty, could you please give me the deepest part of the cabinet next to the stove. Not the bottom cabinets the top. I’d like to buy corbels for the stove hood I’m having made so I need an idea of the depth of those cabinets.

I tend to be short, to the point and blunt.

Which gets me in trouble at times! Now you know why I’ve been nic-named Frank.

You ( I mean I) can come across; vague, rude or cold and then wonder why you aren’t understood or why someone is ticked off.

It’s about MY communication NOT their understanding.

What came OUT of my mouth wasn’t clear enough.

What comes out of your mouth isn’t elaborate enough for the listener to give you proper information, feedback or resolution.

We may all need to learn to listen, but we also need to learn to be more helpful to the hearers!

See you soon!

Oh, the NEW Edition is also available in Canada and other countries on KoBo, so share with your friends!

Life under Construction

Building according to area you are in.

I was thinking again about life under construction. We are all there in one way or another. Even if your famous and doing wonderful your building for the next phase. You’re preparing for larger boundaries, deeper “pools.”

Our new home is under construction.
It’s so symbolic and such a great parable to me about how we are all in different phases of the “construction” of our lives.
  • Some people are getting their foundations laid.
  • Some are having “electrical installed” so to speak. They are in the counselor phase of life, getting advice, ditching bad wiring jobs — reprogramming.
  • The windows are in … we can SEE — we have perspective and we’re feeling safe with the frame work up and the roof scheduled to be installed!
  • Ah, then the flooring will go in, cabinets, sheet-rock and PAINT … things are coming alive! HOPE is on the horizon, you can see all you’ve worked for, picked out, hoped for and “paid for” (lit. or fig.)

Doesn’t that resemble the “construction” of your life? Your business, your plans. We all need to reach the point where we SEE things pay off. We all need that feeling of progression. To know things are moving along.

There is a scripture (Proverbs 13:12) that says; Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick, but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life. God understands wanting to SEE desires … wishes, hopes and dreams fulfilled!
Boy of boy … I’ve been there more than once.
Okay, get real: more than 50 times. Maybe 100.
Wanting to see progress in what you’re doing and all you’ve been working towards is a natural desire. If not, you didn’t have any dreams or visions in the first place.
So, what do YOU do when you see construction halted?
What if someone you’re working with goes bankrupt (lit. or fig) and doesn’t fulfill his/her end of the bargain?
You must find a way to keep going. Keep building.
You must dive in and learn new things or ways or doing something.
You have to muster up the courage to ask for help!
You may have to find the courage to “be real” and transparent about what’s going on with others. Don’t try and hide! YICKS, that only makes matters worse. This isn’t the time to play pretend like everything is grand when it’s not.
Stay true to self-integrity, follow your conscience, counsel and DON’T STOP building! To many projects have started and stopped only to let all that work sit and rot!
If you’re discouraged, seek out someone that encourages. If needed: professional counselor or coach. Seek out someone to stay accountable to, that you can stay on track with! No matter what phase of                                                  

What stage of building are you in?

construction you are in … no matter how messy it looks, don’t give up! You must build in proper order. You must go through the pains of a few knocks with a hammer, a few costly mistakes to learn the lessons you need! Remember in building it never looks in this stage — the way it will look when it’s completed and ready to move … forward (or in).

Check out this short little video I created on my YouTube channel.  I did it a few months ago (before we decided to buy). Click on subscribe and the thumbs up button. I’d love it if you’d leave a comment! Also, I’m trying out a new platform called LookWide. It’s a mini-podcast. Come over and follow me! 

Why are we going to Church?

Bibles Unavailable in Languages. Each book represents a language

Why are we going to Church?

Someone sent me a note this morning asking me that question. It was more of a statement than a question to me. It said; Rebekah, I often ask myself, why are we going to church, if we ARE the Church?
Well, that opened a soap box for me. My commentary will follow.
Chuck and I chat every now and then.
He’s a man I met once, in a church, in the south.
I’m always shocked that there are cities “in the south” that are still segregated. Oh, signs don’t exist anymore at least not that you can see, but they exist.
On the hearts
In the looks you get as a white person
The sneers and comments
…and segregated churches. Full of whites, or blacks but not both. Church’s should look like a meeting of The United Nations!

Bibles to Be Translated. Orange represents it’s begun. Money needed to finish.

He was the only black person in this church. Which also struck a cord with me. Yet considering the area, I was proud of him for “coming in” and being a part of the church rather than going elsewhere. Tears welled up in my eyes watching him sing with the “old fashion choir” and I felt so proud and connected to him. I approached him after the service and we talked like old friends.

He calls and sends me notes now and then.
Such a sweet man. I enjoy chatting with him. It feels like talking to my older brother and he calls his “little sis” to chat and vent or hear what I have to say, which makes me feel very good I have a brother who actually wants to know what I think. 
Anyway, my response to him was this. I’d like to know your thoughts. IF it lines up with The Word. Don’t send a rant that doesn’t line up with The Word.
“The Church” is to to go into the world without being a part of (or like) the world.
The gathering in the church should be about: encouraging each other, praying for each other, confirmation, discipleship… BUILDING each other up — because you’ve been out amongst heathens, persecuted and discouraged.
How many even know each other? The person’s next to you…their name? Most of us sit in the same place week after week, but do you “know” your neighbor? Do you know if that person lost their job? Lost a spouse, is discouraged and needing a word of encouragement? Which comes from the Holy Spirit if you’re dialed in, not based on what you know.
We should be coming together to grow in faith, practice our gifts (so to speak) and serve. To Love one another. Hum….but no returned calls, failed promises to meet, no acknowledgement of the gifts given, no service to those in need. I know I’ve had serious operations and helped others having them and not had even a home group offer to bring a meal – that isn’t Christ folks.
So many churches are looking to “build attendance” without first building WHO they have first. That’s sad to me, very sad. Why are you concerned about growth but not in helping people grow up that are in your church?
We come together for discipleship, yet there is a growing number of people that don’t even know their Bible or bring one to church! Some people say being “disconnected” from the church is putting yourself in danger (lit. fig./ blessing or cursing) but I say; many are disconnected that are sitting in church EVERY Sunday! Just because their body is present doesn’t mean their heart is! I’m not saying don’t connect but connect first with your heart not your body. Connect FIRST with those who attend not those who don’t. 
Do you realize we have only had our printed bible for 500+ years. Do you know how fortunate we are to even have a printed completed Bible? I went to The Bible Museum recently and the WALLS are full of cultures praying for a Bible. George and I decided what a great gift it would be to buy a Bible in a language once or twice a year. Contact the museum for “how to.”
The word says to know those that labor among them. The word labor means to be weary and tired. Most people don’t even know your name much less know you BY THE spirit or if you’re weary or tired!
Don’t get me started. I said to Chuck. As if I hadn’t already started down a rant trail.
WHAT exactly are we doing every week?
Going through the motions like dead men walking. Sunday should be like a family supper NOT the only meal you’re eating all week! The Word is NOT most people’s daily bread!
Let’s start being the church and not just going to church. What has happened to PASTORS being Pastors? Now the church has “Preachers” When there is no shepherd the sheep will scatter! How sad, and those “Preachers” will be responsible.

This wall (each book), represents a language the Bible IS available in

By the way, the photos are when I went The Bible Museum. the books that are yellow are waiting to be translated into a language. The orange color has begun but isn’t finished. This room and the live explore room of Israel gave me the chills and filled my eyes with tears when I walked in. Before I knew what it was. The wall with the 2 Nuns standing … that is all the Bibles currently translated into languages. THINK of how many tribes and people are waiting for a simple Bible to read…and you won’t read yours or take it to church?

Bublish Me!

I wanted to give you a peek into the workbook on BUBLISH of I’m an Eagle not a Field Chick. Jesus spoke in parables to the multitude … NOT just Christians. The amazing thing about a parable is it captures you where you are at that time in life. You could speak the same “sermon” to a crowd and everyone would gain something new, acquire a revelation, understand based on what they needed to hear. That’s significant of GOD being our “good shepherd” and “feeding everyone.” You might recollect when Jesus fed the multitude with a few fish. That’s what a parable does. It “feds” everyone willing to listen.

Each chapter is broken down in the back of the book to help you come to your own answers, meet you where YOU are in life … right now. This is a great book for book club and groups.

In this creative Christian parable written for women, you will find yourself inspired to discover and accept your gifts and talents in order to embrace ALL that God intends you to be.

I’m an Eagle, Not a Field Chick shows us how to forgive, move past our anger, and realize that our true character and greatest joys are often shaped by the darkest, most difficult times of our lives.

Jesus spoke in parables to his disciples, then explained the parable to them in private the way HE meant it. In the back of the book … I’m “talking to you privately” on what I meant when I wrote the book.

I’m an Eagle, not a Field Chick is very thought provoking and the biggest compliment I’ve had is that each time a reader reads it they get something new out of it. Awe, just like the Bible!

NEW Audio Book has been released

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. As I’d say in Texas, I reckon it’s been way to long since I jawed at’cha. Quick update where we are, how we are and what in creation is going on. Truth is so much has gone on, so many changes that I wouldn’t know where to start. I can’t keep up with my own life!

The short story is: We’ve downsized, sold our home, bought a 5th wheel.

Max and Erma

No, we had a custom 5th wheel made. *sigh* Our intention was to travel full-time. THEN we came to Florida and STOPPED. Parking on a piece of cement for this many month in one spot for the winter wasn’t what we wanted to do and we would be better off having equity. So we are building and should be in our new home by May. That’s a GREAT lesson on taking one step at a time.

There is a wonderful diverse market here in Florida. I LOVE meeting all the Canadians (great people) and those I’d never get to meet otherwise here for the winter. Florida will be our home state in the winter and we will travel Spring through Fall promoting my books.

OH, my books! I’m coming out with NEW editions and the AUDIO book launched!

New Edition Just Released … Audio Book

The workbook is so much better and the characters names match their personalities. The e-book will be out soon (like in a few weeks). I’m holding back the paperback until February 2019. Funny fact: Reason being is once the calendar changes the book is 1-year old and January isn’t a good time to launch.

You might be wondering … What’s going to happen to Max (the 450) and Erma (the gorgeous, luxury, custom made fifth wheel) well, they got divorced. Max was sold and we are going to sell Erma OR keep the ol’ girl and rent her in Florida. I know…it would have been cheaper to hire an escort for Erma and have her pulled down here like a cave-woman, but who knew! Plans change, and you adjust. Such is life. We will be changing WHAT we travel in. Which will be a Tiffin bus or Super Class C – 32 foot maximum.

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Oh this isn’t my cup of tea at all, but here goes. I’m just going to start, sometimes that’s just what we have to do. START. I’m going to start doing a few video’s (here is one of my first). My goal is once a week. I’d love for you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! I’m going to be chatting about life lessons. This one was my thoughts on: Running Life Like a Marathon.

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You also just got a peek at the inside of our RV.