Leave the Safety of the Harbor this New Year

Rebekah Phelps
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Leave the Safety of the Harbor this NEW Year

John Augustus Shedd said; “A Ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

That’s such a great quote and the one I picked to start us off into this NEW Year! For me, it’s not so much that I need to GET OUT, it’s that I need to remind myself to stay out … keep my sails up.

I’d like to make two suggestions. Rather than make “new weighty goals” for the New Year, let’s stop living in the safety of the harbor. Get out and use the gifts, talents and abilities YOU have.

Write down 1-8 gifts, talents and abilities YOU have that you can expand on in 2019.

You know things like:

  • Art / ARTIST – drawing or a craft
  • Teaching – what can you TEACH someone else? Could you tutor a child who needs help? An adult in business or another practical skill or talent you have?
  • Writing – what’s your topic? Can you write blogs for bloggers? Local Newspaper? Church bulletin? Don’t keep your thoughts and words to yourself.
  • Handyman skills: Could you help a senior? Single mom?

And of course, the greatest of all the gifts is ….

The more you USE your gifts, talents and abilities the more you’ll have to use. Your life operates as the same principle as trimming herbs or pruning trees …. It grows, blooms and flourishes as you use it.

Let’s make our harbor a place to refuel, rest, stock up and go back out. NOT a place to camp out and hoard what we know or what we have.

Beside you don’t want to wait for the STORM to come into the harbor and MOVE YOU out … do you?

Remember: you aren’t meant to keep it all to yourself. Gifts are meant to be given, shared, opened and enjoyed by you and others. THAT is why God gave them to YOU.

Look for opportunity to share and develop, it’s all around you!

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