Let’s Talk about the Ugly

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Let's Talk about the Ugly

Let’s Talk about the Ugly

Let’s Talk about the Ugly

Sometimes we avoid conversations because they are unpleasant. They take us places that we don’t want to go, in shoes that seem to tight, give us blisters or don’t seem to “fit” at all.

Who wants to wear something that they feel awful in? Like grief or anger?

Especially nowadays. We have so many things to “tuck us in” a dress or make us look good in pants. We’re taught to avoid hard discussions out of fear of loss, retaliation or labeling.

In the back of the book you’ll find a workbook that isn’t easy to do. It’s designed to make you THINK about the parable of the book. Help you work through who you were before all the baggage of life got packed on your shoulders and in your mind.

WHO were you before you were 10 years old?

Before the divorce?

Before the abuse?

Before the emotional bankruptcy?

Enjoy this adult parable about discovering who your created to be and what your gifts and talents are. Work through the workbook. I get told often people read it 3-5 times and gain something rich each time they do.


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