3 Egg-Spectations in Relationships

Rebekah Phelps
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3 Egg-Spectations in Relationships

I want to go over three of the most important things to expect in relationships.

I’m talking about the hopes we have for ourselves or others.

We will ALL fall short.

Yet, my old saying; is it an incident or a lifestyle holds true.

We are certain to fall short, miss the mark and disappoint ourselves and others. Those that opt not to forgive and move on … well, that’s about them and you must carry on. Besides they proved “the test” wasn’t only about YOU but them also. God has a way of dealing with everyone’s heart issues (and bringing them to surface) in nasty, messy times in our lives.

So let’s get to them: 3 Expectations in Relationships.

  1. Honest. If you can’t come clean when caught with your pants down, how do you move forward. You don’t … NEXT.
  2. Honesty. Since you can’t be honest .. how are we supposed to have a REAL relationship? You can’t … NEXT
  3. Honestly. One person doesn’t own everything. Everyone shares a part in a problem. Even if it’s misunderstanding, expectations, contradictions that need clarity or repentance.

Truly (no pun intended) that’s the foundation we have to build on. If it’s cracked … fix it. You may have to get a huge jack-hammer out and tear it up but MOST people are worth it. Check character not content.

Is it an incident or lifestyle?


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