Frozen in Time

Rebekah Phelps
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My sister and dog nephew Finn. Before the Polar Vortex!

Frozen in time, frozen in shock or disbelief or simply still waiting for a “cold time” in your life to be over with.

Have you been there? We all have for various reasons.

The coldest I’ve ever been was waiting on the supreme court steps to get in one wintry morning. I arrived home with a bruised face and dried mascara which had run down the sides of my face. It looked like someone had been punching me for hours! That’s what the wind did to me. You also can’t imagine how embarrassed I felt. Knowing I looked like I dressed up for Halloween to visit the highest court in the land.

I’ll never forget the first phone call I got telling me my daughter had committed to a mental institution. My emotions froze liked a cold winter pipe and when they thawed it was like a backed up damn burst.

Unexpected events. Freezing Us

I’ll never forget my son standing in a yellow raincoat. Watching and listening to the raindrops hit him on the head and drop down on his cute bare feet. He was so entertained by all his senses.

Frozen in time, an image in our heart and mind.

Are you warm right now or frozen? How so?

Stay warm and enjoy this thought about being FROZEN. Also check out this YouTube video of what my sister made at her house last night (and you’ll get to see Finn). It is sooooooooooo cold in Madison, Wisconsin that water turns to crystal instantly!

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