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I need your HELP please. 

Hurry, Sale ends 2-13-19 at Midnight!

This is a shameless promotion of the new adult edition of I’m an Eagle not a Field Chick.It is an inspirational book that helps people discover their gifts and talents through a parable. The book officially releases Valentine’s Day. You can buy it before midnight of 2/13 for $10. It will retail for $14.99 after that so it’s a real bargain. It is also available as an E book and in audio.

We need pre-sales and REVIEWS (that must be done obviously AFTER you read the book) even if it’s 2 words on Amazon! This would be a great Valentine’s Day present. Here’s the link you need to purchase the book.

Look what others are saying about the book.

Rebekah has a gift … the gift of connecting with individuals and audiences with her words, her insights and her ability to see a problem and offer a variety of solutions. As an author, her story telling connects … offering inspiration and a guide to “Yes, I can,” as well as “This is what I’m meant to be … to do.” Yes, Rebekah and her work as an author is a gift to all of us.

Judith Briles Best-selling author and book publishing expert | Founder of “The Book Shepherd”

Rebekah is one of the most passionate and resilient women I’ve met. She walks her talk when it comes to living a purposeful life. As a writer and teacher, her words come from the heart and land on the heart. I look forward to seeing the impact she will continue to make on the lives of those who are recipients of her encouragement, insight and hard-won wisdom. 

Margie Warrell Best-selling author of Brave | Founder of Global Courage

I had a chance to read this book and wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. As a female business owner who at one point wanted to ‘fit in’, I realized after reading this book that being the ‘norm’ or what others expect wasn’t in the cards for me personally or professionally.

This book spoke to me on every level and incorporating the Christian/Faith Based element lead me to a closer relationship with Christ. The way that Phelps used animals to deliver a message was smart. In a similar way Christ used parables, makes the story relatable and simplistic that even children would understand. This book reaches readers of every age with additional content for adults with thought provoking questions for a more personal journey.

I’m An Eagle is a must read! Bookin Around Town | The Audio Flow

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The above link is an AUDIO clip.

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