Run with your Imagination

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RUN with your imagination!

Copper Stove Hood

Copper Hood Using Modern Masters Paint

I recently got back into chalk painting again and designed and painted my stove hood making it copper and aged patina. That’s what I wanted but couldn’t afford the real deal. So, I thought about it for months, looked around and found a paint that gave me the look I wanted. No, I’d never done it and it seemed like a big risk. I did it twice because I started out making it look like black rusted iron. Anyway, then I did my first transfer and making rose molds on an old antique cabinet I bought. Again, curiosity got the best of this cat lady. Corbels

When an idea comes across your mind, nourish it, think about it, read up or watch YouTube video’s then dive in. Take a risk and CREATE something wonderful! Let your imagination run wild or just run with your imagination! It will take you places you never thought you could go! THAT is how I’ve done almost everything I’ve ever done. THAT’S my “secret.” So when someone tells me I’m so talented, no really I’m just wacko brave and move with thoughts. What have you been wanting to TRY or LEARN that you think you can’t do? Take the word CAN’T out because you CAN DO anything you WANT to do!

I’m sharing the final photos of what I just did.

Antique Cabinet

Antique Cabinet Using IOD Transfers and Clay Rose Molds

Have fun and learn something new!

RUN with your imagination!

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