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Our Pretty Entry and Kitchen Island

Plans change, I remember saying to my mom once; “Life is full of changes and if you can’t handle change it will be hard to handle life.” My life up to that point had been full of unexpected “change.”

I’d make plans for one thing to happen and get a different result. From motherhood to marriage, it never turned out the way I thought it would.
So, I learned a long time ago to take a deep breath, bend my knee … Go back to God and say; “Now what?” I’ve learned to get up, sit and wait.
Not so much WHY this happen but what can you do with this now? Where do we go from here?
I’ve learned that when I’m asking WHY I’m asking from a confused, hurt and disappointed position. When I ask WHAT I’m in a better stronger place. A place of hope, strength to go forward and waiting for that lesson to unfold. What will God use this for? What can I do with it? What should I be doing while I wait?
“Life is full of changes and if you can’t handle change it will be hard to handle life.”
Most of us are looking at life through the scope of LIFE NOW vs. life in the long run. What’s the big picture going to look like? Through eternal eyes, through God’s? What are we putting significance on and what matters?
So I said all that to say; When we downsized and bought our RV (a 5th Wheel Ambition) to travel full time. We both felt we were doing the right thing (and that’s all anyone can do). We had loads of confirmation and everything unfolded and happen very smoothly. We took council and moved forward.
Bottom line we still believe we did the right thing.
Even though we are selling our BRAND NEW 5th Wheel 1 year later.
Hindsight or Insight ….

You won’t have either until you move forward. 

Kitchen & Living Room

Take a step or a leap, put blindfolds on if you are to scared to look. Just do it.
I mean especially if the confirmation and council is in place! The only thing in the way is you.
We wanted less STUFF and more of life, more of meeting and touching people’s lives.
I still want a lot less stuff than I have in 400 sq. ft. Go on a vacation for 2-4 weeks you’ll see you can live with less.
George discovered he needed a home base.
WE discovered I am cut out for this more than he is.
We also learned that if we were going to be in Florida for 6 months out of the year we don’t want to be in central part of the state. Second, for what it cost to RV you might as well have equity. So we are selling this gorgeous “little house” and downsizing back to a Class C (or A) to travel the other 6 months. George doesn’t want to deal with snow anymore and he “needs” a home base. Which is really kinda funny since I’m the one that likes to garden, sew, paint etc. etc. 
But we wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t move forward. Nothing has changed except WHAT we are in for 6 months in Florida.
So we are still on track with what we started out to do.

Ambition 38FB Living Room

Don’t get frazzled in the adjustment periods or times of reorganization. Readjust, reevaluate, recalculate your options. You can only get the best perspective once you’re in it. You see thing and know things you couldn’t otherwise.

We have gotten things done we’d never have been able to if we hadn’t moved when we did.
We know and understand things about Florida we wouldn’t have coming to visit.
We have met and made connections we couldn’t have if we had stayed because it didn’t make sense.
IF GOD had said; Sell everything you have, give away and donate what doesn’t sell. Buy a 5th wheel, go to Florida then 6 months later buy a house we would have had a good laugh and would still be in West Virginia. Neither of us never wanted to live in Florida. THAT wouldn’t have made sense.
It didn’t happen that way. It will never happen that way. 
It happened one step at a time with a few ideas in mind of how “the dream” would go.

Erma is her name. Hanging out in Virginia’s Fall

…and we are very happy about having the courage to take those steps, together. Our threesome.
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PS: Don’t bother rehashing questions to yourself like: We could have spent a lot less on the RV, we would have saved, we should have, we could have…. Should’a, would’a’s and could’a’s will get you no where. It is what it is. You are where you are … now go forward.
Being still and knowing that HE IS God and Philippians 4:11-13

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