Water it and it will grow!

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Water it and it will grow! What if you went out and bought a plant. Then took it home and put it in yummy organic soil with some compost and fertilizer. Stuck that healthy plant in the moist dirt and set it in the light it loves. You know full sun or part shade. You could expect that plant to grow-up to be the healthy seed it was born to be. If however you took a healthy plant home, left it outside or on your partly sunny porch and forgot about it … what would happen? It’d die … right? What about you… How are you maintaining yourself? Mind, body and spirit? If you’re not “eating your daily bread” don’t expect to have a healthy spiritual life. If you aren’t watering yourself with nutrition, sunshine and a healthy balance of joy don’t expect to bloom. Your life is a garden and that garden needs proper care. The toxic weeds of life must be pulled that will choke out the good. Don’t expect to thrive and have “shade and blooms” (so to speak) to share with others if you let the “old weeds” take over!

I was at Dr. Caroline Leaf’s conference in Dallas Texas. One evening after the conference I wrote what’s above. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Leaf you aren’t alone, I didn’t know who she was until February 2018. She wrote several books, the latest I got from her conference called, “Think, Learn, Succeed.” It is one of 2 books I took on my cruise to read. I’m new to Goodreads, so I’ll post a review later.
Anyway, back in February a friend introduced me to her work. Dr. Leaf is a scientist, who’s also a Christian. She’s teaching the biblical principles of “you’ll bear the burden of your words.” I LOVE her “21-day Brain Detox” program. Get it, hands down if you need help with your stinkin’ thinkin’ you found a way to change your brain!
She’s put into words what I’ve done for years just in a totally different way. I once did a biblical study on the tongue. The Word has MUCH to say about this topic and if you can’t control your mouth you won’t be able to control much else. As James 3:4 says; it’s the rudder that steers the entire ship!
I don’t know about you but sometimes old junk creeps up in my mind and makes its way out of my mouth.
You know things like; Well because of my past, I can’t ….
I’m not ever going to be as successful as …. Because …
Why are they able to do (or go or say) but I can’t ….
Or things like: I’m worthless, I’m not able, if I could only ….
Back to “water it and it will grow” ….
It’s whatever your watering … that’s what is going to grow.
Super simple but super missed by most of us.
We must get rooted in the right LIGHT
By the correct source
Planted Into a solid foundation,
Watered daily (with The Word)
And we must take care of renewing our minds, daily! Minute by minute at first. WATCH what goes into your head! Take those thoughts captive!
As a man thinks, so he is! (Proverbs 23:7)
That’s one of my stones of remembrance but put this way; The U, U C is the U, U B!
So True.

Stone of Remembrance

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