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Water Logged

If I had known how deep and vast this water was I wouldn’t have dove in. Yet now that I’m in (and water logged) I’m determined to beat the undertow!

When is the last time you started something and then felt like you were “in over your head?”

That’s how I feel at times about this “author endeavor.” I felt that way when I owned and ran my concierge business for almost 12 years. Even when I was making more money than I’d ever made in my life.

So “the feeling” is not about the reward but the effort. The rowing, the accumulation of knowledge and application overload! For me it’s about wearing so many hats that don’t fit! I’m a delegator and I like having people to hand something off to. It’s about seeing the light at the top and wondering if you’ll make it.

I dislike not being able to work smarter versus harder. That boils down to money. Hiring HELP!

Truth is folks, you are doing it because you are destined to be there. Fear and frustration is a shadow that lurks below or above. The more you push through the less afraid or discouraged you’ll be. So long as you have breath you’re going to work through normal human emotions.

If you’re a true entrepreneur (or author-preneur) you’re doing what you do! Getting in over your head. Figuring it all out, finding solutions, resolving problems and building!

Remind yourself: You dove into this water because of a dream! Now swim! Kick with all your might. Take time to float on your back for awhile and enjoy the beauty of the scenery around you! Let the water move you around and stop thrashing! Besides that’s what the sharks are attracted too!

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