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Rebekah Lea Phelps

“The gifts and talents you distributed in childhood are hints of who you will become as an adult.” Rebekah Lea Phelps, at age 7.

Bird bites about me . . .

Thanks for dropping in to peek and peck at my website!

It is my belief we all were raised and have lived in some type of farm yard (figuratively) Oh, let me count the ways I’ve learned rich, costly lessons growing up “on the farm.” I’ve run into “wolves in sheep’s clothing” along the yellow brick road of life due to my own bad decisions (made from a place of fear and insecurity), and I’ve run head-on into deceiving people and sociopaths.

Great life lessons came out of those places and have taught me how to be better versus bitter. They have taught me to stand for truth versus sit and settle (aka: be paralyzed by the fear of man). Those lessons have been a quilt of wisdom, discernment, and boldness.

Most of us have learned how to be a “chick (people) pleaser” and stay in that place of comfort or “fly the coop.” I have broken through the “shell” of fear and made many hard but right decisions. It’s not because I’m strong, the credit for surviving and rising like a phoenix goes to God and God only.

I should be dead and look like I’m 80 years old. Stress and grief are awful companions. They have loomed overhead for decades yet, by the Grace of God, I have overcome. I have been tested and tried with the hardest people in life . . . those closest to us—Parents, siblings, children, spouses, church authorities, and even employers. God allowed those things and used those people to REFINE me. I choose to stand with God despite it all.

I am now honored to help YOU make hard but right decisions. Take bolder steps to FREEDOM from mankind and run into the arms of The Lord. That secret place is where your identity lies and freedom exists. Discover your gifts, talents, and abilities and soar!

Anchor your soul IN HIM, and don’t you dare give up!

I can’t wait to meet you and encourage you to RISE and SOAR!

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