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I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. As I’d say in Texas, I reckon it’s been way to long since I jawed at’cha. Quick update where we are, how we are and what in creation is going on. Truth is so much has gone on, so many changes that I wouldn’t know where to start. I can’t keep up with my own life!

The short story is: We’ve downsized, sold our home, bought a 5th wheel.

Max and Erma

No, we had a custom 5th wheel made. *sigh* Our intention was to travel full-time. THEN we came to Florida and STOPPED. Parking on a piece of cement for this many month in one spot for the winter wasn’t what we wanted to do and we would be better off having equity. So we are building and should be in our new home by May. That’s a GREAT lesson on taking one step at a time.

There is a wonderful diverse market here in Florida. I LOVE meeting all the Canadians (great people) and those I’d never get to meet otherwise here for the winter. Florida will be our home state in the winter and we will travel Spring through Fall promoting my books.

OH, my books! I’m coming out with NEW editions and the AUDIO book launched!

New Edition Just Released … Audio Book

The workbook is so much better and the characters names match their personalities. The e-book will be out soon (like in a few weeks). I’m holding back the paperback until February 2019. Funny fact: Reason being is once the calendar changes the book is 1-year old and January isn’t a good time to launch.

You might be wondering … What’s going to happen to Max (the 450) and Erma (the gorgeous, luxury, custom made fifth wheel) well, they got divorced. Max was sold and we are going to sell Erma OR keep the ol’ girl and rent her in Florida. I know…it would have been cheaper to hire an escort for Erma and have her pulled down here like a cave-woman, but who knew! Plans change, and you adjust. Such is life. We will be changing WHAT we travel in. Which will be a Tiffin bus or Super Class C – 32 foot maximum.

Hey, while I’m thinking about it. You might want to sign up for my newsletter (I don’t do many and you’ll always get a recipe from “the farm”….okay, not my farm, my kitchen is “my farm” or my twist on the recipe). I only WISH I had a farm! Moooove on over ya’ll it’s Mrs. Ol’ McDonald here!

Oh this isn’t my cup of tea at all, but here goes. I’m just going to start, sometimes that’s just what we have to do. START. I’m going to start doing a few video’s (here is one of my first). My goal is once a week. I’d love for you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! I’m going to be chatting about life lessons. This one was my thoughts on: Running Life Like a Marathon.

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You also just got a peek at the inside of our RV.

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