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I wanted to give you a peek into the workbook on BUBLISH of I’m an Eagle not a Field Chick. Jesus spoke in parables to the multitude … NOT just Christians. The amazing thing about a parable is it captures you where you are at that time in life. You could speak the same “sermon” to a crowd and everyone would gain something new, acquire a revelation, understand based on what they needed to hear. That’s significant of GOD being our “good shepherd” and “feeding everyone.” You might recollect when Jesus fed the multitude with a few fish. That’s what a parable does. It “feds” everyone willing to listen.

Each chapter is broken down in the back of the book to help you come to your own answers, meet you where YOU are in life … right now. This is a great book for book club and groups.

In this creative Christian parable written for women, you will find yourself inspired to discover and accept your gifts and talents in order to embrace ALL that God intends you to be.

I’m an Eagle, Not a Field Chick shows us how to forgive, move past our anger, and realize that our true character and greatest joys are often shaped by the darkest, most difficult times of our lives.

Jesus spoke in parables to his disciples, then explained the parable to them in private the way HE meant it. In the back of the book … I’m “talking to you privately” on what I meant when I wrote the book.

I’m an Eagle, not a Field Chick is very thought provoking and the biggest compliment I’ve had is that each time a reader reads it they get something new out of it. Awe, just like the Bible!

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