What are your talents and gifts?

Abilities God Gave YOU

What are your talents and gifts?

What are your talents and gifts? I have always been fascinated by people’s talents and gifts. Their ideas and ways of looking (or thinking) about something. What they “see” I don’t from where they are standing (fig. or lit.). If you know me you know I’m NOT serious about much (unless it’s The Word) and I take life pretty much as it comes. Like a baseball floating through the air at different speeds. Just catch it if you can and if you miss, don’t sweat the small stuff…it’ll come back at’cha again another time.

For me as long as it doesn’t violate my conscience, moral or spiritual code of ethics…. I really try and keep it on the “who cares” list. If it’s not going to matter in 5 hours, 5 days, months or 5 years … then why take it so seriously. Whatever “it” is. I think most of us create our own stress, start our own drama or put up with someone else’s which causes chaos in our own lives … *sigh* “choices!”

Only I can stop that.

I’m only responsible for ME and what I keep putting up with. I think we have a tendency to blame others and not look at what WE did to contribute to ___ whatever that BLANK is.

We all have gifts and talents and it’s up to ME to tap into those things and develop them. I think we have a duty to do so and share them with others.

Remember the “workmen in the field and the Vineyard owner” (Mark 12) story? The tree that didn’t bear fruit? (Luke 13:7 or John 15:2) The man who buried the money? (Matt 25:18)

Now that you may have quickly reviewed those or recalled them, ask yourself:

  1. Who are you comparing yourself to? Doesn’t The Word say don’t compare yourself among yourselves, it’s unwise?
  2. Are you stuck in the dirt and not bearing any fruit? Didn’t The Lord say “Go and be fruitful” — that doesn’t just mean populate and have children. Are you being pruned? Have you ever been pruned BY GOD? By Man is a different topic!
  3. Did you “bury your money” (or talents) hoping to save them? Use them for a rainy day? Scared what people might think if you “use them?”

Goes to show you “saving” isn’t always the wisest thing to do. Obviously I don’t think that’s literally (not planning, etc.) but if we look at it at a “different angle” let’s ask ourselves are we “saving” so we don’t have to worry or because we don’t believe God will provide for tomorrow? Are we burying “talents” because we don’t want to show off OR because we have fear of man issues? Scared to fail? Perhaps be rejected if we step out?

Is it about IDENTITY issues? I want to believe _____ So I don’t open the Pandora box. If I don’t hear it .. it doesn’t exist. If I don’t go public, I’m safe. Is “safe” meaning without criticism? Challenges? Don’t you think those things can make you grow? Actually without a lot of “crude” spilled on you…you become weak. You aren’t using your “muscles” so to speak and what happens if you don’t use it? Yep, you lose it.

So back to the question: What are your talents and gifts and HOW are you using them? Do you just think about them or practice? Do you use them within the church to serve or in your work environment? Is it something within the community you can do or share? Is it something that you’d lose if you don’t use? Like a language? Interpreting? I have been surprised to hear that even a person will forget their FIRST language (let’s say Italian) they will forget if they don’t have someone to dialogue with in Italian. I know the same applies to typing, drawing, painting…. everything takes practice and perseverance.

What would you like to learn? Well….why aren’t you?

Is there anything that keeps coming to the “desire of your heart” to do and you haven’t tapped into it? I think that’s one way you can discover WHAT gifts and talents you have….you keep thinking about it. It’s a desire. The Word says GOD will give you the desires of your heart. It’s HIM who put that desire there. It doesn’t mean I think ____ (blank) and ta-da HE gives it to me! Wrong…backwards.

I love love this young man Eugene Landau. I remember when he performed on America’s Got Talent (I’m not much of a TV watcher but I happen to see his first and last performance) and it was actually the FIRST time I called into vote. His history (or story) is very interesting and I love this quote:

“Going through all the stuff that I went through in my life at an early age — my parents splitting up, being homeless, having a son — all those things kept me grounded. I’ve been to the gutter … [Now] my feet are just planted solid in the cement.”

AMAZING how one person can view the trials and tribulations of life as “keeping me grounded” and another blames and uses it as a reason they are “nowhere” in life because of ____.

He has purposed in his heart to “give back” also. He has raised more than a million dollars for children’s and homeless charities via his holiday CD and personal appearances.

We’ve all heard people “never forget where you came from.” Eugene is a living example of that. I read an article that said;

But all of his success hasn’t made Landau forget his roots. He was born in the Mountain State of West Virginia and continues to live there rather than move to entertainment industry hubs like Los Angeles or New York. “West Virginia will always be my home,” says Landau, “and home and family are the most important thing in the world to me. I can always fly out to LA or New York for work, but being here in West Virginia helps keep me humble and grounded. I’m just very fortunate to be living my dream.” In between tour dates and appearances across the country, Landau enjoys spending time at his modest home tucked away in the West Virginia hills. “I’ve got my little home studio, plenty of room for my family and a big beautiful mountain behind me. I’m so thankful to God every day for giving me these blessings, and a bigger stage to perform on.”

And, yes, he still sings while he washes cars. But now, that car belongs to Landau.

I just love his gratefulness and humility. It was a dream come true for the always humble, gracious vocalist, who insisted that he come out after every show to meet his fans for photos and conversation. “Without them, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be anywhere.”

I think he’s a great example of someone that really sang to God first and had more of an ambition to make a difference using what God gave him than just to be famous in the eyes of man. Now THAT is using your gifts and talents! First to HIM….then to THEM.

That’s proper order and when you do they will spill over and even you’ll be surprised!

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