Why are we going to Church?

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Bibles Unavailable in Languages. Each book represents a language

Why are we going to Church?

Someone sent me a note this morning asking me that question. It was more of a statement than a question to me. It said; Rebekah, I often ask myself, why are we going to church, if we ARE the Church?
Well, that opened a soap box for me. My commentary will follow.
Chuck and I chat every now and then.
He’s a man I met once, in a church, in the south.
I’m always shocked that there are cities “in the south” that are still segregated. Oh, signs don’t exist anymore at least not that you can see, but they exist.
On the hearts
In the looks you get as a white person
The sneers and comments
…and segregated churches. Full of whites, or blacks but not both. Church’s should look like a meeting of The United Nations!

Bibles to Be Translated. Orange represents it’s begun. Money needed to finish.

He was the only black person in this church. Which also struck a cord with me. Yet considering the area, I was proud of him for “coming in” and being a part of the church rather than going elsewhere. Tears welled up in my eyes watching him sing with the “old fashion choir” and I felt so proud and connected to him. I approached him after the service and we talked like old friends.

He calls and sends me notes now and then.
Such a sweet man. I enjoy chatting with him. It feels like talking to my older brother and he calls his “little sis” to chat and vent or hear what I have to say, which makes me feel very good I have a brother who actually wants to know what I think. 
Anyway, my response to him was this. I’d like to know your thoughts. IF it lines up with The Word. Don’t send a rant that doesn’t line up with The Word.
“The Church” is to to go into the world without being a part of (or like) the world.
The gathering in the church should be about: encouraging each other, praying for each other, confirmation, discipleship… BUILDING each other up — because you’ve been out amongst heathens, persecuted and discouraged.
How many even know each other? The person’s next to you…their name? Most of us sit in the same place week after week, but do you “know” your neighbor? Do you know if that person lost their job? Lost a spouse, is discouraged and needing a word of encouragement? Which comes from the Holy Spirit if you’re dialed in, not based on what you know.
We should be coming together to grow in faith, practice our gifts (so to speak) and serve. To Love one another. Hum….but no returned calls, failed promises to meet, no acknowledgement of the gifts given, no service to those in need. I know I’ve had serious operations and helped others having them and not had even a home group offer to bring a meal – that isn’t Christ folks.
So many churches are looking to “build attendance” without first building WHO they have first. That’s sad to me, very sad. Why are you concerned about growth but not in helping people grow up that are in your church?
We come together for discipleship, yet there is a growing number of people that don’t even know their Bible or bring one to church! Some people say being “disconnected” from the church is putting yourself in danger (lit. fig./ blessing or cursing) but I say; many are disconnected that are sitting in church EVERY Sunday! Just because their body is present doesn’t mean their heart is! I’m not saying don’t connect but connect first with your heart not your body. Connect FIRST with those who attend not those who don’t. 
Do you realize we have only had our printed bible for 500+ years. Do you know how fortunate we are to even have a printed completed Bible? I went to The Bible Museum recently and the WALLS are full of cultures praying for a Bible. George and I decided what a great gift it would be to buy a Bible in a language once or twice a year. Contact the museum for “how to.”
The word says to know those that labor among them. The word labor means to be weary and tired. Most people don’t even know your name much less know you BY THE spirit or if you’re weary or tired!
Don’t get me started. I said to Chuck. As if I hadn’t already started down a rant trail.
WHAT exactly are we doing every week?
Going through the motions like dead men walking. Sunday should be like a family supper NOT the only meal you’re eating all week! The Word is NOT most people’s daily bread!
Let’s start being the church and not just going to church. What has happened to PASTORS being Pastors? Now the church has “Preachers” When there is no shepherd the sheep will scatter! How sad, and those “Preachers” will be responsible.

This wall (each book), represents a language the Bible IS available in

By the way, the photos are when I went The Bible Museum. the books that are yellow are waiting to be translated into a language. The orange color has begun but isn’t finished. This room and the live explore room of Israel gave me the chills and filled my eyes with tears when I walked in. Before I knew what it was. The wall with the 2 Nuns standing … that is all the Bibles currently translated into languages. THINK of how many tribes and people are waiting for a simple Bible to read…and you won’t read yours or take it to church?

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