What kind of God do you want to serve?

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FlowersWhat kind of God do you want to serve?

You know God had a LOT of decisions to make when he gave us a FREE WILL. Have you ever thought about what kind of God you’d want to serve? What would GOD have to do to gain your friendship or attention?

God could have chosen to be a people puppeteer but he didn’t, he opted to give us the ability to make choices. He wanted relationship, so he gave us free will. Like any good parent yes, he has a few rules, but rules still allow free will.


A few of ‘our parents” rules compared to God’s:

  • Parents: Don’t hit your friends and share
  • God:       Don’t kill your brother and give.
  • Parents: It’s time to get up and go to church!
  • God:       Remember the Saboath…
  • Parents: Do not steal from people!
  • God        Thou shall not steal.

If you were FORCED to act a certain way, say certain things in a certain tone of voice…is that relationship? Ask yourself what kind of God do you want to serve? If you could MAKE ONE what would that look like?


A God that opted to not make flowers so no one would get allergies? Have allergic reactions to medication and die? A God that created amazing bodies with immune systems… that sometimes fail. Would you rather be made of steal and not feel the heat of another human’s hand? The breath of your mate? The skin of a baby? After all kinds of things can happen to skin? From Fire to Rashes. That wouldn’t happen if you were made of steel.

what kind of God do you want to serve?

Should God have given people tree trunk legs so they’d never break a leg or become paralyzed skiing? Maybe he shouldn’t have made sharks (regardless of their purpose in/for the ocean) because they’ve eaten surfers? Well, at least if we had tree trunk legs no one would be thinking of diving into a shallow query and break their neck. It’d be too hard to walk up the bank and “do it again” – like kids do!

what kind of God do you want to serve?

Would you rather not have a nose to smell just because some fool decides to snort coke up his head and then go out and kill someone?

Would you rather not have arms just because someone uses guns for the wrong reason? Or eyes just because someone sees a woman “they want” and she’s raped?

We live in a corrupt world. It’s Satan’s dominion. The Bible is clear about that. Jesus called Satan, the ruler of this world. John 14:30

We live in a corrupt world – NOT because of God. Because of MAN and Man’s choices. Women’s choices, Teens choices.

I chose to love the Lord with all my heart and all my soul. Even if I don’t understand “it all” that’s called FAITH.

Because he first loved me.

Because I appreciate and see his sovereign hand so clearly (sometimes I get a glimpse and I’m wowed) and regardless of my late start or taking the “long way home” his goodness and mercy have followed me, ALL the days of my life!

Am I perfect?

Nope, just forgiven.

Is he looking for perfection?

Nope, just relationship.

A Friend.

Imagine that….

GOD wants you as a FRIEND!

The Woman at the Well,

Those of you without sin….

Cast the first stone,

Rebekah Lea Phelps

PS:   I ask this question to people that say; Well why does God make people sick? Why can’t he prevent ____, why does he allow ____ and what about the people that never heard of “Him” is that fair?

Wow, okay…well, now that you have your excuses…

If you’re so concerned about people that have never heard of “Him” why aren’t YOU a missionary?

Frankly, I just trust He knows what he’s doing and HE SAID; he put himself in the heart of every man… to seek Him.I know, believe and have seen first hand HE IS ABLE. The one who created the world that YOU stand on (& the gravity that keeps you here)  knows what he’s doing!

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