The Thirty-Day Blog Challenge


This is what we look like doing something we were never made to do

So honestly, I’m looking forward to blogging about as much as I’m looking forward to chewing a box of nails. BUT … I’ve been advised to over and over and recently came across Bradley Will’s 30-day Blog Challenge on his “Learn to Blog” site. So as my mother would say “Katy Bar the Door!” I reckon I’ll jump in. If nothing else, it will make me stay on course and “jump start” my blog(s).

I began blogging on my business website (Extra You, LLC) but dropped the ball after moving and when my mother in law came to live with us. I’m not so sure how plugged into “both” I’ll be but I’m going to give it a shot. Since I just did MY LAST “organization” job in Maryland and I sent them loads of “tips” to apply after I left (upon their request) I will most likely be posting a few of those I gave them. It’s kind-of “cheating” since I’ve already written them, but it is a blog…right?

Anyway, you may be wondering WHAT I intend on blogging about and WHY I’m sharing my past.

Why I’m sharing first.

  1. Because I believe if people can take leftover banana peels, grass clippings and coffee grounds and turn it into compost…wonderful fertilizer to encourage growth in plants then GOD can use the “junk of our past” to fertilize our future. IF we submit to HIM and allow that to happen.
  2. Because I think “all this” was just one big waste UNLESS someone can gain a piece of wisdom (aka: hindsight), learn a lesson, be encouraged, not give up or heal from something similar they went through.

We as believers are CALLED (instructed) to share, encourage, be transparent, warn, exhort and comfort each other.

  1. Because let it never be said; “this” wasn’t public knowledge and I hid anything from someone. I believe LOVE covers, but it doesn’t cover up and if WE try to “cover up” our junk then WE are being our own defense. We are attempting to justify ourselves and WE will live in shame vs. freedom.
  2. Because I’m healed, free from the past, forgiven and I have forgiven ALL, I have clarity on so much of it now and I know that I know…it’s time to do so publicly.

Most people that know me personally know I will share anything you want to know…about ME, just ask.

WHAT I intended on blogging about on my author blog…okay, what comes to mind:

  • MY past and some of the gory details of my poor judgement
  • Being forgiven, forgiving yourself and forgiving others
  • Relationship with the Lord vs. Religion
  • Intimacy with God
  • Dialogue with God
  • Identity issues
  • Who were YOU created to be?
  • What happens when your “identity” goes away? IE: Wife, mother, etc.
  • Facing Fear
  • Where does courage come from?
  • People pleasing
  • Discovering your gift & talents.
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Grief (I’ve had tons of this and humble pie)
  • Missing Children
  • Unresolved grief issues. Vs. depression
  • Self-Worth
  • Loss of Children without death
  • Enabling / Co Dependent issues (I’m not either)
  • Feelings vs. “The Story” – I’m computer style
  • Being raped…
  • Where is God when life hurts?
  • Being married – 3 times prior to George.
  • “The Church”
  • Women – The call and commitment to Christ
  • Our emotional jugs that fill up with hurt, etc.
  • Communication Issues
  • Who’s your family?
  • Training your soul
  • Listening to God
  • Following HIM will cost you something
  • God hating divorce NOT the divorcee (That is not to say I promote or am for divorce – regardless of what it looks like — hear me loud and clearl, I’M NOT FOR DIVORCE)
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • Being Battered without Bruises (emotional abuse)
  • “Wives Submit”
  • Choices and Consequences
  • Learning or Rejecting Parenting
  • Basic “life skills”

Obviously this is from MY life experience and MY lessons. It’s MY take and I look forward to your comments, thoughts and questions!

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