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Have you ever thought about renting an RV? Now normal everyday people are renting their personal RV’s! So if you have ever wanted to cruise around in an RV? Well, now you can without buying one! You should definitely try it, before you buy it! RV Rental is a great vacation!

Author Rents her RV

Author Rents her RV

The average RV owner spends over $700 a month to own an RV.

Rving is so much fun, the people you meet are the best and it couldn’t be more diverse.  From race and religion to age and interest. From the southerner to the yankee….it’s so fun to meet so many cool people … at the beach or in the mountains.

If you’re like me you always looked at the RV rolling by thinking “that would be sooooooo much fun!”

Rving is the only neighborhood you’ll ever live in (temporarily) that you’ll befriend the tent dweller (that’s what I call true camping and roughin’ it), the trailer folks, the “pop-up” neighbors, the 5th wheelers (truck needed to pull these), the Class A buses that range from 100K to over a million  and the Class C (that’s what we have – it’s the mini bus version in laymen terms – you can get up and go to the bathroom or make a sandwich during a traffic jam without pulling over). The Class A and Class C is what I call “Glamping” (well, not just me…lots of people). But really, how many neighborhoods have the $60 tent neighbor living beside the Provost bus million-dollar neighbor and everybody is helpful, talking and inviting each other over for a cookout or potluck dinner?!

The camping crowd is the same crowd as the people who love to cruise (in my opinion). They ALL love to travel and see various places. They all love to meet different people, they all love to EAT and visit (okay, some glampers are quiet, but we’ve never met any that didn’t say HELLO and ya’ll come over if we can do anything for you OR invite us inside to chat AND show us around, including inside the closets.

The first time we went camping we forgot how to get the awning out and a dear Canadian , sitting in his camper eating breakfast took pity on us and came over and ask if we’d like him to show us “how to.”

Honestly, we have been around people in the NoVa area we’ve known OF for years, been to dinner with them .. and I can honestly say I know more about the people I have met once (glamping) than I have in the years I’ve known “so and so.” Every time we go camping we meet TRUE new friends and exchange info with at least 1 person if not a half a dozen. We’ve even exchanged travel plans on where we will be and met up again OR visited them in their homes. So fun! You’ll have friends all over the world before you know it!

Really, you have to try it! We were going to rent one before we bought but found the ones available to rent were outrageous in cost, smelly, you don’t get much with the rental and the ones we’ve seen on campgrounds are awful …. again for a LOT of money! We met the sweetest couple from Holland touring the USA and they rented from Cruise America. I felt so sorry for them. The cabinets were falling off the hinges, it was a MESS, smelt bad and they borrowed dishes from neighbors because it wasn’t stocked very well. I think these rental companies (like AceRV Rentals and Sales ) are taking photos of “new vehicles” so they look nice online but they haven’t been taken care of.

Well, is going on a vacation in an RV on your bucket list?

Well, before you kick the bucket….do it.

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I know this has nothing to do with “books” etc. but I thought I’d let you know, if you’ve ever been curious or desired to go on vacation in an RV, you can rent MINE! What vacation are you taking this year?

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