Pride, It’s like Fire

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Pride, it’s like fire in that it can be good or bad, helpful or scary. Fire can burn down your house or cook your eggs. It can be cozy or terrifying. I’d imagine  the residents affected by those deadly California wildfires feel if they never saw fire again it wouldn’t be too soon. Pride can cause you to stumble, keep you from others or motivate you to change. It can move you onto something greater….and that motivation could be as simple as; Taking a Bath!

In chapter 2 of my book, Goldie (the baby eagle) recognizes her mother was always proud of her and defended her being different. That came from my real-life experience, but what it turned into was doing things “her way” or you weren’t accepted. That pride changed to control and acceptance.

If your “hair” wasn’t a certain way … she didn’t like it. It wasn’t acceptable.

Countries have Pride.

Texas Flag

States have Pride.

I’m from Texas, I know … God forbid never bad mouth Texas! You might not live to see another day. (kidding)

I’ll never forget after moving to Northern Virginia, Reston. I went to an outdoor concert (by myself) at the Reston Town Center. A band was going to play a few country songs and ask if anyone present was from Texas. I was in the front of the crowd (I had no idea two thousand people were sitting behind me when I jumped up, waved my hand and said; “Oh I am!”

The band leader laughing said; “Well, just where are you from Ms. Texas?”

I shouted out; “Houston! Raised in Bedford Texas and Houston!”

He said (laughing again); “Well welcome to the United States of America!”

That’s when I heard a roar of laughter. Turned around to wave at over two thousand people … and quietly sat down.

I was recently going over how many countries carry my e-book and audio book and am shocked to find so many! Actually, I was “proud” so much hard work has paid off. Hint: If you have a friend in another country let them know they can get it on Kobo.

I was thinking about one thing we ALL have in common as countries is: Pride.

No matter how rich or poor, we all love our countries … or our state that would like to be its own country.

Have you ever noticed people who come to America (gain citizenship) will still always say; “In my country …”

Wait, I thought American became “your country?” I get it, and think that’s a matter of the heart. It stems from honor and pride. Fondness.

It’s like the ol’ saying; You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl.

Well, on that note .. I’m “proud” to say; I get to go on vacation and will return right before Christmas, so I’ll see you when I get back.

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