Out of the Dark, into the Light – Part 4

Rebekah as a Southern Bell, after High School. 1981

Rebekah as a Southern Bell, after High School. 1981

In regards to Heaven and Hell existing (where I left off yesterday) ~

We will go to one place or the other. The Word is crystal clear about that. If you illuminate Christ you void the integrity of The Word.

Demons know our track record, they APPEAR as “angels of light” – they appear as “grand-dad” (or whomever) and know exactly how they looked. They know what “gramma’s” habits were and get people on this quest for searching out things that lead to a very dark destructive path. Then people start wanting to speak to their loved ones. What “they” say is accurate, how they look is accurate (that’s the reason people start going down this trail), I’m not denying that or their existence. What I’m saying is the SOURCE is demonic. The Word is clear about that also. Satan is a copycat; he doesn’t originate and can’t create anything…accept chaos, havoc, lies, slander, confusion — get the picture? He’s the source of that.

“Contacting the dead” by the way is FORBIDDEN in scripture.

Why is it forbidden?

Because GOD knows the reality of it also. Consider it “the tree of good and evil” – bad fruit. The tree of knowledge…that leads to death. Eternal death!

The first time I ever saw anyone truly “possessed” wasn’t as a Christian it was in Fort Worth Texas “Mr. W.” – it got so bad my little sister and I were no longer aloud to spend the night over there or go to their home without my parents.

Now you’d think THAT would have made them wash their hands of “all this stuff” and take me to church, nope…. Trapped, hooked. Like butterfly’s in a web, like a fish on a hook.

I remember saying to my little sister; Come on … we shouldn’t look at this stuff. She wrote me the nicest note a few years back about how safe she felt safe with me or when I was around as kids.

She was always scared to death and I always felt like I stood in the face of darkness for us both – in the truth I knew or all I had at the time.

God’s grace. Gripped by Grace. Literally. Preserved like a jar of jam.

I remember hearing the artist testimony (Akiana) for the first time and sobbing (she was 8 years old when I first learned about her). I was so glad for her. Her atheist parents became Christian due to her “witness” as a child. You might know the scripture … “and a little child shall lead them.”

Wow, all the years she spent being productive, walking in WHO she was called to be, developing the gifts God gave her and being able to acknowledge HIM for them. I am so glad for her. So relieved to know how this “could’ve gone.”

…and yes, I’ve wondered WHY my path was so dark, so difficult internally for me, such a struggle, so much deception. So much hostility I witnessed that “the darkness” has for “the light” – BUT I stopped asking WHY a long long time ago (like over 35+ years ago) and began looking forward to HOW God was going to use this. WHAT was HE going to do with all this compost!

It’s real, it’s very real….

More real than this world is. Because it’s eternal. It was before we were. It will be after we aren’t.

Please think about YOUR choice. We serve a God who gives us choices, he’s not a puppeteer!

… reconsider.

I’ll write more later…

But I eventually “gave up” asking questions or seeking. The zeal I had a child diminished, faded…you could say, I gave up. Frankly I felt worn out and beyond frustrated by the time I graduated high school.

By the way, when I get asked “my sign” — my answer is The Cross. When someone laughs or looks puzzled I say; My birthday is September 10th. Yes, I was born under the Virgo sun sign BUT I look to the one who created the stars not the stars themselves or I look to the creator NOT the creation. Yes the wise men were astrologers and the reason they were wise is because they too looked for the prophesied star and went to FIND HIM when it came. They too were looking to the creator NOT the creation for answers.

More about “my attempted exit” tomorrow,


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