Out of the Dark, into the Light – Part 3

Houston Chronicle write up

Yep, that was me.

I didn’t know what to do with seeing “Ghost” and describing people I’d never seen before (Grand-father) or what to make of the angel that sat at the end of my bed “sometimes.” And my mom and dad kept pursuing astrology, tarot cards, reincarnation, traveling/channeling, without understand the broad consequences. This lead to physics, consulting the dead, mediums, séances…. And “ugh” the people that came over! I hated all this with a passion.

I felt STUCK….

Stuck in a world that was going to hell in a hand-basket.

Stuck in a family that wouldn’t listen.

Stuck with answers I wasn’t satisfied with.

….just stuck, because after all, I was just a kid.

Stuck with mocking and on one hand asking me for advice (as a kid) and wisdom and on the other hand telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Being told to “trust your gut” UNLESS it doesn’t line up with what we think. Is NOT a good message.

By the time I went to high school I wasn’t at all as passionate shall we say about “figuring all this out” and didn’t have the drive I did at 3-8 BUT I still wanted to go to a private Christian high school. I begged .. I tried let’s make a deal… I will forfeit college. Which I ended up doing anyway, but the answer was, No.

Cover I have left

This is the only cover I have left. Love the topics. And this was a teen magazine?#$ Things haven’t changed, have they?!

I started modeling when I was 13 – seems I’ve really come full circle because I always wanted to “Model Jesus” but since I didn’t know quite how to go about that … well, I guess I’ll just model me. “BLAH-hum-bug.” I have an article from the Houston Chronicle and one of their questions was; Who do you most want to be like? At that time Christy Brinkley was very popular but unlike a lot of people I’ve never been “star struck” or been “a fan” of anyone. I’ve never wanted to be like “so-&-so” — so my answer was; “Even though I don’t quite know HOW TO…I’d like to be like Jesus”

He’s my role model. Meaning his care, love for others, making a difference. I’d like to be a peaceful manifestation of HIS LOVE and a loving manifestation of HIS PEACE.

A LOT happened at 13ish. It’d take me forever to jot that down but it seems it was a cross road (no pun intended). A battle would be a good word, but you know what…. come to find out there is PLENTY of scripture about that also. Meaning “Youth” – devouring the “Tekon” (which means teen) as they “come forth.”

First year of high school I believe.

First year of high school I believe. Front, right. Love the “wings”

Honestly, I was just “dog tired” by the time I was 13.

Tired of questions without suitable answers that bore witness to my heart.

Tired of literally seeing darkness. Tired of “feeling it” everywhere.

I was once held down in bed, wide awake. My parents had just gone to bed. I remember seeing people in black long robes. No faces. It was dark, they were dark and I was trying to get up and couldn’t. Finally, I did and when I did I put my hand on the doorknob, I felt a hand grab my shoulder and dig into my collar bone.

I slung open my bedroom door and felt a stinging scratch down my back.

It hurt … BAD.

I ran to my parent’s room told them what happen and kept trying to itch my back and my dad said; well let me see your back.

He turned on a light..

I lifted my shirt and to our surprise … bleeding scratch marks were down my back.

Weird? Wayyyyyy beyond weird. Freaky, scary … demonic!

About 20 years later, in the same room the same thing happened to my nephew who lived in that house … but he didn’t tell anyone for 10+ years after it happen. HE had no idea that happened to me and I had no idea it happened to him.

Now…you wonder why I’m adamant about Christ?

Cause I know…

Heaven and Hell exist.

On that note…talk to you tomorrow,

Say your prayers …. just start talking to HIM!

Rebekah Lea Phelps

FYI: I don’t have hardly any “tear sheets” of work done over 7 years because X #2 decided to trash my entire portfolio. To bad, I wanted that for my kids someday. I discovered that happen upon them wanting it for “show and tell” — Forgiven, it’s only paper. People do dumb things and “hurt people hurt people.”

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