Out of the Dark, into the Light – Part 2

FullSizeRenderBy the time I was 4 or 5 I remember people coming over, I always loved to sit and listen to “adults talk” and I remember a few leaving and saying; You know they are liars…right? Or “they are bad people, stay away from them.”

I also remember the SHOCK on my mother’s face and her saying “Becca, they are very nice people! Why would you say such a thing?”

Oops, lesson #1. Don’t expect to be believed when you see something others don’t.

Sure ‘nough “something” would turn up “soon” to prove that right and they were kind enough to come back to me and say; You were right!

But when you’re told you’re right, then wrong, then right again…that’s like a mixed up bowl of … um, porridge.

Well, since I was “quoting” a LOT of scripture and “forewarning people” about “things” (between 4-8), my parents got very curious where “this” came from. They went on a hunt.

They invited ministers & others over (I have no idea how many or who) to watch me get put to bed. To observe my actions, listen to me pray and “chat” with me.

“They” — whomever “they were” decided the answer was simple. I was reincarnated and was a nun in a former life. I “simply died quickly” and since I was “reborn quickly” brought all that stuff into this life.

Being the “smarty pants” I am…my response was NO…. that’s AN ANSWER not THE ANSWER. That may be A WAY, but it’s not THE WAY. That’s not the right answer…keep looking! I need to know why I’m here!

I said; NO, you live once then you die! Low and behold I learned MUCH later there IS a scripture that says so. Hebrews 9:27

I insisted I was NOT a Nun. I was with God before I came “here” to earth…which is by the way an evil place compared to Heaven. I WAS NOT happy about “being here.” Especially since no one could provide answers I desperately wanted. There is loads of scripture about God knowing us BEFORE we were born and us being WITH him. Course as a kid I didn’t know that then from being taught or reading.

So like most 6 year olds I asked for a Bible for my 7th birthday (I vividly remember saying that is ALL I wanted) – and here it is! Bummer it was a King James Version but I was thrilled and glad it had a few pictures!

My 6 Yr Old Birthday Gift

My 7 Yr Old Birthday Gift

Believe it or not my parents didn’t get involved in Christianity, but naively in the occult. Like most people they were curious, searching and tried to find answers the best they could. Like a lot of people they looked (or accepted) in the places they thought we’re answers and accept it as “their truth.”

They just couldn’t let go of the reincarnation idea and I seemed to be “walking proof” based on answers they got from others. I totally get that.

I felt horrible for that conclusion for years. That was a heavy burden I had no idea WHAT to do with or do about. Mad at one point and became extremely grateful for later. I’ve seen a lot 90%+ of the population will never see. I didn’t have to weed through “religious traditions” or practices and frankly had/have a HUGE advantage when it comes to prayer knowing what I know. Seeing what I saw.

What the “devil” meant for my harm, God used for his Glory and my growth.

Anyway, so I “saw planes crashes” before they happen and various other things. Specifically, I recall seeing a plane “EASTERN AIRLINES” and knowing hundreds of people were on board. Now I know I felt anxiety and “oh my God it’s going to crash” – what drove me crazy about those things was not knowing WHY I saw it or WHAT to do about it.

Now I know…. PRAY, Pray and Pray some more…as HE leads. My First Bible

See you tomorrow!

Rebekah Lea Phelps

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