Out of the Dark, into the Light – Part 1

Becca in the Bathtub

Becca in the Bathtub. I can’t find one of me as a baby at the moment, but picture a spider monkey with hair sticking straight up….Got the Picture?!

I learned a long time ago that I can share my testimony with anyone but my heart with very few.

So before I go to Marriage #2 and into my kids I thought I’d step backwards and let you know where I came from, or really what I came out of. Since this is soooooo long, I’m going to break it down into 1-2 page segments!

The basics are I was raised in Texas, went to Spring High School and graduated with an awesome class of treasured friends in 1981. I had a sister 7 years older than me that I have very few memories of (but MANY MANY of other things, people and places) and the other is 2 years younger. I can still remember walking to ballet class in Morgantown WV when I was 3, hiding behind a door to surprise my dear grandmother who I called Nana, learning to tie my shoes, fetching the cat that my younger sister tossed over the balcony and playing cowboys and Indians with the boy across the street. That was all before we moved to Bedford Texas – where I began preschool.

Funny, after I moved to VA (13.5 years ago) I kept wanting to go to Morgantown to see that old house. Finally, I did just 3-4 years ago. Found the house, remembered it and that boy across the street but of course everything looked MUCH different after 47-50+ years later. There was a man outside watering and I just “had one of those feelings” — like maybe, just maybe he knew “The Clendening’s” – I said; Hey! You wouldn’t have by chance have lived her for oh the last 50 years would have you? I was stunned when he said YES!

I said; Paul? I’m Becca! Becca Clendening! We use to play cowboys and Indians together? Funny, his name “just came to me.” George and I enjoyed chatting with him and catching up for some time.

Anyway, as from having a fond memory of those few things; I also remember vividly ALWAYS being “curious about the Lord” and as noted in my book “I’m an Eagle not a Field Chick” being obsessed with “who am I, why am I here and what is it or who is it I’m created to be.” My parents didn’t end up telling me to “just go peck” and stop worrying about it but “just go play and by the way, relax. There is plenty of time to figure that out!”

Per my parents my mother’s water broke 1 month before delivery and I was a 10-month baby. Apparently it’s rare, but does happen. They actually sent me home to die.

Fat Chance! I was here to stay.

So per my family I started climbing down out of my highchair before I could talk to kneel, bow my head, put my hands together and obviously talk to God … silently.

After I did begin to speak; the questions rolled in. WHY was I hear and so on. I was never taken to church but began praying the entire prayer “Our father who art in Heaven….” – I said things all kids say by the time they are 3 like; HEY! Did you know the devil walks around the earth seeking who he can devour?!

Yeah, right.

My kids did NOT say that kind of stuff and I don’t know anyone else that says their kids did.

I’m sure my parents looked like “WHAT?#$%”

Yeah; that’s right. Angels are on earth but so are demons.

Sure kid! Whatever.

“My family” said; whenever I saw fit to drop to my knees and pray…I did. Walking down the mall, at a restaurant, in someone’s home, etc. (If I saw a “little tike” do that … I’d burst into tears.)

That’s normal right?


See you tomorrow!

Rebekah Lea Phelps aka: Becca

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