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Building according to area you are in.

I was thinking again about life under construction. We are all there in one way or another. Even if your famous and doing wonderful your building for the next phase. You’re preparing for larger boundaries, deeper “pools.”

Our new home is under construction.
It’s so symbolic and such a great parable to me about how we are all in different phases of the “construction” of our lives.
  • Some people are getting their foundations laid.
  • Some are having “electrical installed” so to speak. They are in the counselor phase of life, getting advice, ditching bad wiring jobs — reprogramming.
  • The windows are in … we can SEE — we have perspective and we’re feeling safe with the frame work up and the roof scheduled to be installed!
  • Ah, then the flooring will go in, cabinets, sheet-rock and PAINT … things are coming alive! HOPE is on the horizon, you can see all you’ve worked for, picked out, hoped for and “paid for” (lit. or fig.)

Doesn’t that resemble the “construction” of your life? Your business, your plans. We all need to reach the point where we SEE things pay off. We all need that feeling of progression. To know things are moving along.

There is a scripture (Proverbs 13:12) that says; Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick, but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life. God understands wanting to SEE desires … wishes, hopes and dreams fulfilled!
Boy of boy … I’ve been there more than once.
Okay, get real: more than 50 times. Maybe 100.
Wanting to see progress in what you’re doing and all you’ve been working towards is a natural desire. If not, you didn’t have any dreams or visions in the first place.
So, what do YOU do when you see construction halted?
What if someone you’re working with goes bankrupt (lit. or fig) and doesn’t fulfill his/her end of the bargain?
You must find a way to keep going. Keep building.
You must dive in and learn new things or ways or doing something.
You have to muster up the courage to ask for help!
You may have to find the courage to “be real” and transparent about what’s going on with others. Don’t try and hide! YICKS, that only makes matters worse. This isn’t the time to play pretend like everything is grand when it’s not.
Stay true to self-integrity, follow your conscience, counsel and DON’T STOP building! To many projects have started and stopped only to let all that work sit and rot!
If you’re discouraged, seek out someone that encourages. If needed: professional counselor or coach. Seek out someone to stay accountable to, that you can stay on track with! No matter what phase of                                                  

What stage of building are you in?

construction you are in … no matter how messy it looks, don’t give up! You must build in proper order. You must go through the pains of a few knocks with a hammer, a few costly mistakes to learn the lessons you need! Remember in building it never looks in this stage — the way it will look when it’s completed and ready to move … forward (or in).

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