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I'm an Eagle, Not a Field Chick

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I feel honored and privileged to have been given the books; I’m an Eagle not’a Field Chick and Psalm of my Heart by the Lord and even more so to be sharing them with you!

I believe in the depth of my heart it is important to know who you are; who God created you to be, what your gifts and talents are, why you are here on this place called earth and who you are IN Christ.

If you were a police officer, soldier or officer in an army you would know your authority, your position, your rights and your battle plans. You would know when to run and when to walk, when to duck and stay quiet and when to charge. You’d know what you could share and when and you’d know when something was between you and your team.

If you were a “Kings kid” you would understand your privileges, your inheritance, your rights, the authority you have. You would have “rights” others don’t…to go directly to the King, as your father … just as you are. Even in your P.J’s! To sit in the majesty of the King’s presence (Daddy’s lap), to whisper in his ear what outsiders could only wish for….much less ask!

IF you are a believer in Christ you ARE a “King’s Kid” and you should know WHO you are IN Him!

I hope you venture out to discover WHO you are and WHAT you are, IN Him! You will walk different, talk different, hopefully act different (not haughty) and pray different! People will wonder why you are so confident and have peace in turmoil, faith in the midst of everything failing, forgiveness for what some would label “the unforgiveable.” They’ll wonder who you are by the manifestation of “serving” mercy, grace, empathy, sympathy and demonstrating impartiality and truth to a lost and hurting world.

Soar as high as your wings will take you.

Rebekah | 703.980.1114

90% of the profits of both the books will be set aside in an account to give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and bionic limbs to amputees.

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