Why book reviews are important to authors

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I'm an Eagle not a field Chick

I’m an Eagle not a field Chick

Please, if you have read either Psalm of my Heart OR I’m an Eagle, not a Field Chick please leave a review.

Why book reviews are important to authors:

  1. If the only people that post reviews is your family and close friends then the authenticity of the book is called into question. Of course your mother will love your book, a high school chum, an Aunt or your spouse!
  2. Kirkus reviewed my book Psalm of my Heart and that’s a HUGE honor. They get about a thousand a week and only review a hundred a month! But not everyone knows about Kirkus (I didn’t until I published – nor did I know about Clarion ForeWord Reviews) But the general public doesn’t review here.

Most people know about and leave reviews on: Amazon, Kindle, BookLikes, Goodreads, etc. and when books start getting reviews and attention then an author makes it to their “best books to read” list. But that takes people…living, breathing people to take the time to do that for you! It’s hard, really hard and I’ve only been at this 5 minutes…I mean, not even 2 months!

So after you read a book (*hint*) log into one of those sites above, click on the book and scroll down and look for customer reviews.

I found an article listing “The Best Book Review Sites

Thanks in Advance. Just leave an honest review!

Rebekah Lea Phelps

PS: Here is the unedited version my Aunt Shirley’s review she sent me today via private Facebook message:

I’m at the Seattle airport, I read your Psalm from Yakima to Seattle. It is awesome! One of the best most uplifting I’ve ever read! I love it and will cherish it! You are soooo talented in the Lords work and being greatly used by Him! I’m proud to call you MY NIECE! Love you!

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