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4 Ways to Save Time for Tax Time

I was paying my bills when a friend called today. When I told her what I was doing she went, Geez, I only do that once a year. She asked how in the world do I do this plus everything else I have going on. That’s when I said; it’s 4 easy steps to getting ready for the end of the year. I don’t look at it as “paying my bills.” Twice a month I pay bills, “clean-up” and file. I am getting ready for years end tax time. When it arrives. I’m ready … no, I’m done!
So much of what we complain about isn’t that we don’t know how to do something as we don’t WANT to do something. Then we don’t like the results of what we do or don’t do.
Like TIME, we all have the same amount of time.
It’s how one person uses it and one doesn’t.
How early I decide to get up and get going or how late I sleep.
How much I’m on social media (ugh, big time waster) gabbing or daydreaming.
Am I organized or disorganized?
Do I have a plan or hap-hazard into the day?
I’m proud to say I have over the top grand credit.
We do, but I’ve worked hard at making that happen.
Believe me, in my 20’s I made mistakes. Learned from them.
You don’t wake up and have a score over 800.
I’m glad I can buy anything I want but IF I should is another story.
You can either live for now or later. Both is called budgeting.
Poverty is a mentality not an income.
Wisdom using your time and money.
Do you know that a credit score is a direct reflection of a person’s character? We get told all the time; “I’ve never ever seen such a high credit score.” I love it when my husband smiles and said; “That is because of my wife!”
There are plenty of people out there that aren’t ORGANIZED. Yet, when it comes to paying their bills and paying them on time (or early) THAT does take a commitment of planning. You have to take the time to deal with what needs to be dealt with.
A vast number of people are completely stressed at tax time. NOT because they might owe but because of what they didn’t take the time to do. Organize. At the end of the day that’s what it’s about. I have 4 steps anyone can do (okay, takes some discipline) so you aren’t stressed at all when it’s time to file taxes. You do NOT have to be organized but you DO have to take the time to do what you need to do!
The only thing you and your CPA will be waiting on is the mail getting to you. Follow these steps. It will be SO EASY at the end of each year. All that I do is “pull files,” reconcile the last statements of the year and run the last P&L of the year. Done. Ready to send. I’m not hunting for anything.
For 12 years I ran a small concierge business and one of the many things I did was organize and pay bills for people. All had the money to pay their bills but didn’t seem to have (or take) the time to do so. Doctor’s and Lawyers seem to be the worst at that. My clients told me all the time their credit score (and the late charges they saved) paid for my services.
…and we did it twice a month!
Do it.
You’ll be glad you did!
PS: I know this might seem weird to some but I guess sharing organizationally tips and tricks will always be apart of me.
So in case you can’t pull up the PDF or read it very well: 

Open & Sort Mail Daily

Each day mail comes in. Open it. Toss anything you can. Extra envelopes or bills you know were paid, Sort and put away (for bill day) in 3 piles: To Pay, To Call & To File

Pay Bills Twice Monthly

1st of the month and middle. YES, every 2 weeks. Set up auto-pays so everything is running smoothly and on time.

**Credit Score will go up**

ADMIN Duties

The same day as you pay bills do your ADMIN duties! Make entries into QuickBooks, reconcile accounts, record expenses paid in CASH. Record any “owner equity” and file. Keep filing 60 days, toss anything NOT for tax backup. At the end of the year all you should have is backup.

Back-Up & Clean Up

Prior to backing up your data, run a P&L Report. CLEAN UP your categories so at years end this is all done and ready to turn in. Once you’re caught up it takes 5 minutes of an extra step but at year end … you’re ready!


Stay up on opening your mail, sorting and filing. Keep this appointment religiously. Twice monthly. Set up auto pays to make the most use of your time. Make yourself a LIST of auto-pays. Download & import bank statement activities and reconcile monthly. Record cash expenses. Run a P&L and look over it monthly. Is it clean? Categories correct? Back up and FILE. Put TAX issues in a TAX FILE. You’re be ready to turn your taxes over to your CPA.

Rebekah Lea Author and Speaker