Goldie’s Farm Fresh Recipes

So those of you that know me know I love to cook. Especially for people that love to eat. I never thought of myself as a “foodie” until recently. It was when someone new I met recently pointed it out to me. My idea of a great vacation has nothing to do with an agenda but great food and a beach! I’m good. So I thought it would be perfect to share “Goldie’s Fresh Farm Recipes”

I don’t love to cook so much that I always want to eat at home but when I eat I want good, if not … GREAT food.

I’ve always said; if you think hospital food is good than your mother must not have been a great cook. If going to a baseball game and having boiled hotdogs is awesome to you, then again…your wife (or mother) is not a good cook. I had an old friend that loved going to baseball games and eating boiled hotdogs. I would always shake my head and think “Poor thing … I’d love to cook him a GREAT hot-dog.” Once I made him Tuna Fish and he raved about that for years to come.

I get ask how I made something all the time and thought it’d be fun to share some recipes with you. If you’ll sign up for my NEWSLETTER you’ll get them. Shoot me an email because I must get a sign-up box put on my website.

As a toast “to us” I’m going to share my Chicken Spaghetti Recipe I’ve been making for years. One thing you need to know about MY recipes they are never the same every single time. For instance, I shared this recipe recently and forgot to add 1 can of Rotel Tomatoes. I seem to add stuff to it or take away as I have available ingredients or improvise.

Since Goldie is the main character in my book “I’m an Eagle not a Field Chick” I thought I’d call the recipe section of my newsletter, “Goldie’s Farm Fresh Recipes.”

Any ideas or votes on another name?

I thought I’d also start bringing samples of these recipes to book signings. What do you think? Recipe Below but remember if you want more, send me your email address! Also, sometimes I post recipes on Instagram under the name: AuthorJer2911

Soar as high as your wings will take you!

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Rebekah’s Chicken Spaghetti

1 package of thin spaghetti
1 roasted chicken, de-boned & chopped up
1 large onion, chopped to liking
1-2 cans of mushroom soup
4-6 stalks of celery
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 small jar of pimento (optional) OR use chopped up ROASTED red bell pepper

1 can of ROTEL tomatoes
1 package of Velveeta

Optional Spices:
I have used ALL and a FEW…you pick!

Ground Coriander Seed
Lots of fresh garlic
Italian Seasonings

After I debone my chicken, I boil the bones (to use for my stock water) and boil my spaghetti in that vs. just plain water. You could also add 1 chicken bouillon cube per 1 cup of water. While that is going on I am chopping everything up and sauté it all in a pan THEN I add my chopped-up chicken, Velveeta, mushroom soup and some broth if needed to thin out. Cook until heated and cheese is melted.

GREAT meal for guest and I find loads of people have never had “Spaghetti Chicken” I made this recipe up in my 20’s and have been eating it since. However, lately I’ve been seeing it pop up on Facebook. Thoughts aren’t original. Sometimes I take the leftovers, put it in a casserole dish and add shredded sharp cheddar to the top (melt).

Serve with a salad and garlic bread!      It’s YUMMY, Enjoy and tell me what you think!

Huge Book Deal

I have a HUGE book deal for you and bookclubs. And the reason I do is because we listed our home FOR SALE. We are becoming residents of TEXAS this summer. Yet, still staying “close to home” for the next few years until George retires! I’m having a huge book and puzzle sale because I need to get rid of the stock I have by the end of July … or while supplies I have last.

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New Chapter!

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