Huge Book Deal

I have a HUGE book deal for you and bookclubs. And the reason I do is because we listed our home FOR SALE. We are becoming residents of TEXAS this summer. Yet, still staying “close to home” for the next few years until George retires! I’m having a huge book and puzzle sale because I need to get rid of the stock I have by the end of July … or while supplies I have last.

So, after downsizing people for years, now I’m downsizing myself … into a 5th Wheel!

New Chapter!

I thought I’d have a “Mother’s Day” SALE or you could call it Spring/Summer Sale.

It’s through me only to get rid of the STOCK of books and puzzles I have. If you order on Amazon or my website (which goes directly to the publisher) you won’t get the same deal.

I’m selling them at MY wholesale cost if you buy one and my cost from the publisher if you buy 2 or more. I’ll give you the low down in a bit.

ALL books are signed. I’d very much appreciate your help.

I know it’s early, but please think Birthday or Christmas!

If you know a small retailer that would stock the books (or have a book signing) then thanks in advance for forwarding this newsletter.

Okay, here’s the Scoop:

I’m an Eagle not a Field Chick (SOFT BACK): Retail at $15.50 each

  • 1 for $10 or 2 for $14
  • Purchasing more than 2 is $5.25 each.

Eagle Book (HARD BACK): Retail for $27.50 each

  • 1 for $14 or 2 for $24
  • Purchasing more than 2 is $11.60 each.



If you buy 4 or more books

  • I’ll give you the PSALM for FREE for each book you purchased.
  • Retail for $14.95 each




Puzzles (are gorgeous and 18×24 – 550 pieces) Retail for $18 to $27 each

  • 1 for $8.25
  • 2 for $12.50
  • Purchasing more than 2 is $6.25 each

Heck of a deal huh…

And it would very much HELP ME.

I donated 200 Psalms to a Chaplain in NC who will distribute them to a prison. Anything that doesn’t sell in our estate sale will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Things to do:

  1. Reply to the email below to place your Huge Book Deal

  2. Reply with what you want and how many

  3. Forward to a Friend

  4. Don’t forget to review the books online once you have read them

This couldn’t be a better deal for an individual or #bookclubs so spread the word. You won’t see this again!

Soar as high as your wings will take you! or 703-980-1114



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