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BOOK2 Excerpt

Cahpter 1 - Eggspectations

Way up in the tree sat an eagle’s nest, with three eggs nestled in it. One night, a storm blew in and the rain came down hard. The wind was so fierce, it made the trees bow down.

One of the eggs fell out of the nest. It hit a branch, tumbled off a leaf and over a limb, then rolled down the trunk and continued rolling toward a cliff, closer and closer to the edge.

All of nature stood still for a moment and watched. The storm stopped, the wind died down, the trees stopped thrashing their limbs to and fro, the birds peeked out of their nests, and all of nature watched the egg roll off the cliff.

Then a miracle happened.

Just as the egg began to plunge, a dove came out of nowhere!

The egg fell through the sky, but the dove swooped underneath the egg and nestled it safely on his back. Looking down, he saw a farm. He knew he couldn’t carry the egg for long, and he knew it had to stay warm. Seeing a hole in the top of the barn below, he headed toward it.

Swooping inside through the hole, he found a coop full of hens. Oh, he thought, this is perfect!

One of the hens had gotten up, so the dove flew into her nest. He let the egg roll off his back, tucked it in, kissed it good night, and said, “You’ll be fine here. I know this won’t make sense to you, but this is where I’ve brought you to grow up. There’s a roof over your head, you’ll be fed, and you’ll learn and grow here. Trust me.” He hugged the egg with his wing and flew off.

Looking back through the hole he had landed in, the dove felt a connection with the egg. After all, what are the chances of an egg falling out of a nest and onto your back?

It was late, and most of the hens were sleeping. A few baby chicks had noticed the dove when it came in and laid the new egg in the coop.