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I’m an Eagle, not’a Field Chick, features a “family” of farm characters. Nissi, The Dove, (represents God). Raised by a hen and rooster (denoting parents). The snake symbolizes Satan, the accuser and ridiculer. The characters symbolize “people” we all encounter in life. You know, those ol’ turkeys, jack-asses or wolves in sheep clothing. The barnyard signifies a “cosmopolitan and diverse” suburb. Goldie heads up the mountain, on foot, demonstrating how we often take the long, hard way to get to where we need to go. Her “baggage” denotes just that, baggage, we all carry around. She shows us how to forgive, move past anger and realizes that our character and greatest joys come from some of the darkest, most difficult times or decisions in our lives. Goldie shows us to hold onto the vision, God places within our hearts, even if it means leaving all you know for all you don’t. She shows us there is a cost to follow our destiny. The “Stones of Remembrance” denote lessons we learn & the steps in our lives.